Sunday, November 10, 2013

Celebrate with us!!!

Please Celebrate with us Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Order a Pizza , Make a Toast, Say Hurrah!!
Where's that fatted calf??

Yesterday, in a time in court we were granted Full Custody Rights unto Adoption of our baby son,


As we were granted custody rights, the judge said to us, "Times like these are the good days in this court."

"Under His Wings You Will Find Refuge" (Psalm 91:4) we read out loud as we drove into the city on our way to court yesterday. Little David cooed in the back seat, NO idea that his Earthly covering was being determined. My stomach ached as he kicked his feet and smiled over at me...these are the hardest moments in the journey of adoption...
to be so in love, so committed to a precious life while being so completely at the mercy of ....MERCY.
It felt odd to ask for mercy in a court of law. Puffy eyes, from tears the night before, looked back at me from the mirror in the car, we had no certainty which way proceeding would go in court...
Uncertainty Stinks. (aches) (punches you in the stomach) (tempts you to fear).
And yet.
We had a choice to make.
To stand on the fact that we were in the middle of a God story
to stand in fear and all of its colorful imaginings.
"Perfect Love Casts Out Fear", we spoke out MUCH this week.
And yet there was also this anchor of certainty of God's Presence and love for David in the midst of everything going on. Actually,the most important "court proceedings" of this week had ALREADY taken place in the Heavenly one as we petitioned through tears for God to continue to place David in our family forever.

 "Make it On Earth as it is in Heaven, Father!" We prayed as we hugged him tightly

. All the night before, I held him, stroking his little fuzzy head,praying blessing over him.

 And "handing him back" into God's trust-able hands. Oh, Please,This one we love with ALL of our hearts, who gazes in love on us and complete trust...keep him in his little tribe that he loves so, God! We asked for angels to be sent ahead of us to the court room.

Ava drew a prayer picture of Jesus' footprints on a sandy,dry path between the drawn away Exodus waters...


You know God has gone before you when you walk into a court reception area and are greeted by Renee Sasser Loux and Florence Sasser (adoption/justice advocates and friends) and the precious birth mother of little David!!! Renee's joy and strength in Jesus has been a MAINSTAY in this journey. We are eternally grateful for these BEAUTIFUL ladies' love and sacrifice and love. They served and supported little David, his birth mommy and our family with grace and loving kindness that can only been sustained through Jesus. How we love them.

Florence, or "Flo, " provided the translation for court yesterday as much of the proceeding also happened in the Pacific Island language of little David's birth parents. They labored in court yesterday. And in so many other ways of love in these past 6 months. Much,MUCH love and honor to these precious ladies!!

Later, as we were admitted into court, and there we sat around the official table, Little David in my lap, sucking on a bottle as we spoke into a this place of law ...that I expected to feel so cold and sterile...even scary...what I felt in place of the law...super ceding it, taking it over...

was Grace

I actually felt HIM,
With us in the room




You know that verse that speaks about how when we are brought before the judges, God will give us the words to say?
Well, it had been on the heart often this week--it is true. In the moment, as mercy was needed,

There He was.

Simplifying our Process, Boosting Confidence and Strength, Pouring in Courage, Draining off all the "Scary",Prompting Praise and Delight--in the midst of a court room y'all!!

Grace actually is more powerful than Law. It was amazing to experience and behold.

We have been in many other legal situations (some of them very heavy and yucky --oppressive and aggressive) with our time spent serving in a foster system and in other advocacy situations for vulnerable children...THIS court time was unlike what we had encountered previously...
There was light and life in that room...and although this WAS the answer to my prayers, it still took my breath away of HOW MUCH God loves the one. HOW MUCH he loves this little one in my arms....HOW MUCH He searches for...and COVERS and loves little ole me as well...

He responds, LOVES to be THE ONE we run to to take REFUGE in.
He IS Psalm 91:4 to us--we are living and breathing in this verse. It strengthened my heart and resolve to continue reaching out in His strength to this hurting world--so many others He yearns to draw under His wing...

So, after shaking the judges hand and hugging on our precious friends, we headed home to our nest.

Maybe my favorite moment of the day, was when Bruik opened the door for us as we arrived home with a BRIGHT smile saying,

"Welcome Home, David Paul! We heard you get to stay here with our family forever!"

Full Custody feels so free--such a gift!!! And it has been such a road to get to this place!!

David Paul is one of the greatest blessings our family has EVER received-

Our "cup" overflows!!

She said, "Oh, my lord! As your soul lives, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you, praying to the LORD.'For this boy I prayed, and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of Him.'So I have also dedicated him to the LORD; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the LORD." And he worshiped the LORD there. (1 Samuel 1:27)


Thank you for your love, prayers, your generous giftings these past 5 and a half months!!

We have 6 more months until full adoption and there are costs and details to walk through to finish this process...but for NOW, now that we can stand firm in the knowing that this little one has been granted legal standing here...

Its THANK YOU time!!!


Love to you all!

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