Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Springy Photos of the Tucker Bunch

Spring has sprung!--Just a newsie blog today. :) We will fill our Spring Break this week with fundraising for Ashley and my trip to Ethiopia and Uganda --above photo is our favorite fundraiser--cookie sales !! The preschoolers are living outside and...in their favorite dress-ups. We are blowing lots of dandelions, playing Lacrosse with Ashley, made a library run yesterday to pig out on books,having lots of egg hunts. Wednesday-Sunday we will dive deep into our preparations for Easter. Prases to our precious, precious Savior. We so love you, Jesus!!
Friends pictured above are from the Redington and Mihnovich families. Ashley and Whitney Redington are pictured in a silly moment. Whitney, Heather, and Zion biked to our home to share a birthday cupcake with Ava. Princess Ava also loved opening presents with Abby Krehbiel--our precious new friend, JUST home from Ethiopia and she brought one to Levi Mihnovich. I call that photo above--The Princess and the Bono Fan. Levi is sporting his Bono tee shirt--he's a true fan :)--one cool little man!!--Yes, smearing our friends with icing, hanging out in trees, emersing ourselves in the good news of Jesus--sounds like Spring Break to me!! :)

Love, Gillian

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The Fab 4 said...

That first photo of Ava in the swing is just precious! She is stunning! And the shoeless wonder, Levi, is cracking me up, too.