Friday, April 17, 2009

So Human--and Forgiven Too

Large Family? Its great! Can be hard--but its incredibly rewarding and REALLY hilarious--every day with so many little people around and teens as well. Here's a list of things that made me smile/cring/laugh over the past 24 hours--it was rewarding to write them down--a great reminder of the joy that's right at our noses -- runny as they may be :)

Said by:

An Adult in our home -- Don't burp in people's faces.

A homeschooling mommy to her 2nd grader after 40 min. of social studies -- No, honey we are not talking about MOMMIES--the Egyptians did that to their MUMMIES. (Real and True Tuckerism this week!!)

A tiny -Weeny 3 year -old girl -- Mommy, am I as strong as Daddy?

A tiny -Weeny 3 -year old girl -- There are pretzels in the bathtub!!--Yucky!!

A getting- tired mommy -- Everyone put your shirts on RIGHT NOW

A tired mommy -- Please take your bare feet OFF your brother and turn around in your chair --its lunchtime

A cute 4 year old riding in the car just with Mom and Mom's reply-- Does God have a car? -- Well, actually, I've heard He has chariots, horses, and rides on the clouds, Bruiky.

Shouted from the boy's bedroom upstairs by a 5 year old-- You're a mean selfish greedy head!!

Hmmmmmn.....things are very real around thankful for the 2nd part of my title up there....

Have a beautiful spring weekend!!

Love, Gillian

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