Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sending Some Love Your Way Today !!

Love to you, my friends!! Aren't the graphics above incredible? They spell out love in Amharic, Luganda, English, AND sign language!! These tee shirts will be worn by our mission team as we go to Africa this summer. My adorable friend and Incredible team leader, Amanda, took a little brainstormy idea from me and developed it into graphic art! She is working with a wonderful family company who makes tee shirts for funding for adoptions and missions. Pretty great, huh?!

I'm also especially lovin' these shirts for I will be selling them to fund raise for my portion of going on the trip. At this point, through God's gift of the loving generousity of many people, I have raised half of my needed money to reach the 3,000 dollars I need to go to on the trip which is due within the next 5 weeks or so. If we look at this in a glass half-full way--I'm half way there, right?

Ashley has completely reached the goal for her trip--PRAISES for that!!

I'll be posting soon on sizes and pricing for the shirts. I hope you will buy one..or two...or three... :) Let me know on the comment section of this blog if you would be interested in buying one and what sizes you would need--we are getting numbers together and could even do some preordering...I beleive the shirts will be in the $15.00-20.00 range. A fun shirt for summer too! And a great way to speak to others about the need of people and orphans in Africa.

Thanks, you all!!

Love, Gillian


Tracy said...

i LOVE them! can't wait to get mine! let me know how the sizes run.....and i'll run over and buy some!

thank you so much for taking elle last night! you are always such a huge blessing to me!! love you! :)

Gillian said...

Yeay, yeay!!
I'll let you know SOON!
Love, GG

Gillian said...

A big THANK YOU also to our dear friends, Sallee and Monte for getting in touch via email about a shirts order!! Sallee and Monte have a large adoptive family and have adopted from Ethiopia. We adore living alongside this family!! Love you! GG

The Fab 4 said...

Any chance you'll have kid sizes? I'd love to have my boys sporting these shirts this summer! Let me know about adult/women's sizes, too.

Gillian said...

I'lllet you know that really soon (as soon as I find out--hee!)--THANKS SO MUCH!! Love, Gillian