Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lemonade's a Flowin!!

 An ALL-American sort of Memorial Day Blessing!!

I do think we may have been visited by an "angel in disguise" just the other day...and at my boys Lemonade stand!

Anderson, our 11 year old,  is spear-heading a summer of lemonade sales. :))  And now, living on a busy street here in Kansas City, he has great visibility!  Plus he understands the power of GREAT advertisement a.k.a.   a super cute bunch of  REALLY cute younger siblings "helping" him out. :))   Thanks to everyone who has already stopped by to support his budding business side!!

 We especially love it when the college students from our local bible college here at IHOPU (International House of Prayer University) drop by. Many do not have many quarters in their own pockets and yet they really pour into our guys! I think many could be buying lemonade to honor a memory from their childhood.

 The boys have met a WIDE selection of people and our expectation and prayer is that they will bless EACH ONE that comes to our driveway.  Their is something about the exchange of conversation and lemonade and blessing from these little ones that is tenderizing hearts...they have regular customers now!

 We have met funny but kind gang members (a fun story for another day!!), Muslim ladies who buy lemonade for a car- full of family every time the stand is open, kids, dads, AND OUR FRIENDS :)).... 

They even made a deal with the ice cream man -- he drove right up to the stand so they could buy ice cream from their earnings and he drove off with a large cup of lemonade bought from them.  I sit on the front step, overseeing  the going -ons, sometimes just laughing at these interactions ... They crack me up!!

Yesterday, a retired vet. stopped by and paid FIVE TIMES the amount for his cup! A while later, when the stand was put away and we were all playing a game in the back yard,  he came back, pulled into our driveway in his pickup truck and asked to speak to Anderson.

 "Son, these are for you.", he said, and pulled up a grocery bag with two FIVE POUND containers of lemonade mix in there!! Anderson glowed soft and kind of shy with thanks.

"Now you make sure you use this all up in your sales...and then whenever you need MORE, flag down my truck and I'll get you whatever you need. What do you need now? ...Cups??? I'll get those too for ya." He sat in his truck and share stories about his Army travels and all the ways God had provided work and jobs for him through his life. His words were saturated with generosity. We got to soak it all in...and also got oppurtunity to give thanks and honor in our words for this man's service to our homeland. (There's always something so sacred found in  honoring.)

"Whatcha saving up for, son?"

Anderson spoke of giving to God first, of sharing with those who have none, of saving, and then of a fun item that will being delight to the summer days... It was his new friend's time to glow. :)

Anders. is mixing up some lemonade right now...He'll be selling, using the blessing that was given to him...It awakens my heart to the reality that this is EXACTLY how Father God cares for us--with delight--getting down on our level to bless us--and then, giving seed for us to plant and bring in an inheritance...
God just pours love in our cups that will NEVER run dry....I just LOVE His economy!!
Blessings on this Memorial Day weekend! 

Love, G

Friday, May 25, 2012

Surely Goodness and Kindness...

I had been praying specifically for more goodness and kindness to develop in our family in this next season...and yesterday Anderson arrived home with two New Zealander baby brown like chocolate he named, "GOODNESS and the other, a chunky,fluffy grey doe, he names, "KINDNESS".

 "Mom, he said, I named cause, just like God says, goodness and kindness will follow us all the days of our lives!"...we are having MORE fun with "goodness and kindness"...I mean, could they be AnY cuter??...And their little names are like little proclamations all over my home this weekend..."Kindness, come here! :)"..."Hold on to Goodness, Jack"..."Bruik will you share Kindness with me?".... and I do believe I already see a sweet transformation coming forth from the gift of our fluffiest family members ♥...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grace Walks Down This Weekend

Sweet, Sweet Ashley how her name scrolls across my cell phone screen...

My First Baby Girl...

The Darling of my heart...

Will Graduate on Saturday!

My heart is all in a swirl of love, and memory and THANKFULNESS for this one that God has lent to us.

I know ALL mothers say it, but when its your turn ...Oh, my , Oh , my ...there's ALL this light to blink into... reflecting off all the facets of this jewel that first was entrusted to me those 17 years ago at Vanderbilt Hospital in the wee hours of the morning.

...after a day and a half of labor

eyes fixed on that hospital bassinet she would soon lay in...

Wonder and Beauty and Awe...too wonderful to behold.

And then...oh there she was!  10 pounds of glory and beauty and grace...ours.

                    Our Ashley Grace

How do they go from first steps

to walking down a graduation aisle?

Explain all this glory to me!   

Or better yet, indulge me to walk through in photos a BEAUTIFUL life

Full of Tenderness

Sweet as a  little kind and gentle

She even did the Chicken Pox with Style! :)

Strong and Focused on her Sports Fields

Driving down a field with her golden hair flying!!

Or Swimming it up...

Or warring Lacrosse events!!

Don't mess with this little lady's determination!! :))

It was the same in her studies...

And in our home...

She taught us about Excellence, and Beautiful Endurance, About Forgiveness

And Ever-Willing Flexibility...

She was not the only one for long!!

The babies came

And one of their favorite places were her arms...

More came

She helped me carry them all...

We have been the best of this blessing of LIFE.

She was such a part of the vision God has had for our family that if it were not for her

I do not think we could have stretched our wings as far.

In these years she laid so much down 

In the learning to be a Shepherdess.

But she now reaps

From a beautiful harvest bowl.

And soon..she'll launch...

With Eyes Lifted up

Sweet Golden Girl 


Worshipful Songbird

Pensive and Studious

Our Joyful Gift!!

We bless you as you "walk down the graduation aisle" this weekend.

Oh how we love you, sweet, sweet girl!!

And oh, how we believe

you are SO ready 

For the Harvest Fields...

Surely Goodness and Mercy will Follow you all the days of your life, gentle one.

"She will Laugh at the Days to come"

Love, Mom