Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grace Walks Down This Weekend

Sweet, Sweet Ashley how her name scrolls across my cell phone screen...

My First Baby Girl...

The Darling of my heart...

Will Graduate on Saturday!

My heart is all in a swirl of love, and memory and THANKFULNESS for this one that God has lent to us.

I know ALL mothers say it, but when its your turn ...Oh, my , Oh , my ...there's ALL this light to blink into... reflecting off all the facets of this jewel that first was entrusted to me those 17 years ago at Vanderbilt Hospital in the wee hours of the morning.

...after a day and a half of labor

eyes fixed on that hospital bassinet she would soon lay in...

Wonder and Beauty and Awe...too wonderful to behold.

And then...oh there she was!  10 pounds of glory and beauty and grace...ours.

                    Our Ashley Grace

How do they go from first steps

to walking down a graduation aisle?

Explain all this glory to me!   

Or better yet, indulge me to walk through in photos a BEAUTIFUL life

Full of Tenderness

Sweet as a  little kind and gentle

She even did the Chicken Pox with Style! :)

Strong and Focused on her Sports Fields

Driving down a field with her golden hair flying!!

Or Swimming it up...

Or warring Lacrosse events!!

Don't mess with this little lady's determination!! :))

It was the same in her studies...

And in our home...

She taught us about Excellence, and Beautiful Endurance, About Forgiveness

And Ever-Willing Flexibility...

She was not the only one for long!!

The babies came

And one of their favorite places were her arms...

More came

She helped me carry them all...

We have been the best of this blessing of LIFE.

She was such a part of the vision God has had for our family that if it were not for her

I do not think we could have stretched our wings as far.

In these years she laid so much down 

In the learning to be a Shepherdess.

But she now reaps

From a beautiful harvest bowl.

And soon..she'll launch...

With Eyes Lifted up

Sweet Golden Girl 


Worshipful Songbird

Pensive and Studious

Our Joyful Gift!!

We bless you as you "walk down the graduation aisle" this weekend.

Oh how we love you, sweet, sweet girl!!

And oh, how we believe

you are SO ready 

For the Harvest Fields...

Surely Goodness and Mercy will Follow you all the days of your life, gentle one.

"She will Laugh at the Days to come"

Love, Mom


The Shorts said...

Congratulations Ashley!

Tracy said...

Precious tribute to beautiful Ashley! She is a warrior princess for the Lord! .....and the perfect compilation of her Mama and Daddy! Oh the plans that God has for her! We love you sweet Ashley....and are so proud of who you are!

Lori said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! Glad you are back blogging! ;)