Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beautiful One

What I'm singing today...

Acts 17:28 For in him we live and move and have our being



Monday, April 26, 2010

Gotcha!! #3 and some very Special Birthdays today

Our adoption video--made on the anniversary of our first gotcha date...

Three years ago today--we stepped on that plane

To go bring home our newest son
and our baby daughter

A gift from God--
We rejoice even more today!!

WE LOVE YOU, Bruik and Ava!!! Can't imagine our family another way!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy and Ashley, Graham, Anderson, and Jack

...And the link below is a gift to all who are on the road to adoption
or who have questions about transition or how to raise them up once you step foot OFF the plane...
Or who are in the process of "raising them up as sons" and know how haaard this walk can be...

The resource link below is tender and wise and really similar to how God has taught us to walk through the past years with our precious two. It articulates well what adopted children need--hope this is a blessing to you.

TCU Institute of Child Development

And, I must add--this date is a really special one to our family--it is also the birthday of my precious Dad--Happy Birthday to you, DAD!! Adoring you has made it easy to understand God's Fatherly tenderness toward me.

AND this day is also the birthday of our precious son, Joshua, who lives in Heaven with Jesus.--He turns seven today. (Joshua lived in Mommy's tummy for four and a half months before going to heaven) -- We LOVE you, Joshua--Hug Jesus tightly for us today, glory son!! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Lots of love to you all,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soul Food

Hey!! You don't want to miss this one!!

What would you say if I said you were being offered an early inheritance?


Here's a gift today--a simple, powerful introduction to the person of the Holy Spirit and how to know Him, very personally in your life.

Richard and I were blessed by this message--it speaks to what we are enjoying on a day-to-day basis here these days--hope it blesses you too!

The lesson, from our church, Grace Chapel of Leiper's Fork, TN, comes after the music--you can move the ticker ahead if you need to time-wise--however the singing would be a blessing too--it was a joyful Sunday in the congregation that day.

Blessings to you!


If you are blessed by this teaching--grab the one on the same site from this past Sunday--it was a practical and wonderful lauch from the first message.

Friday, April 16, 2010

An URGENT need -- please help this little boy with a specific need.

Yesterday, Bruik and I were driving along in the car talking about how, in Jesus, we really are brother and sister--he liked this ALOT!--I'm not sure if it was equal standing with Mommy or our family relation in God that so tickled him. :)

In Christ, all orphans belong to our Father. So, simply, they are the children of our heart and are under our covering as well.

Today, I'm introducing you to and am asking you to respond to a very special 8 year old boy and his orphanage in India.

Jaron has been in my heart and prayers for a while now--a precious friend, Lori, introduced me originally to him.

You can meet Jaron by going to the button on the side of my blog and clicking on Sarah's Covenant Homes
Here's the situation from emails from Lori--Please give this situation a wide-open response from your heart--and if you know anyone in the medical field that may have a solution here--please contact Lori or the orphanage director, Sarah , who is in county,--both addresses are below. (I'm not quite link savy yet!)Look on the orphange address to see a photo and video of precious Jaron and how loving Sarah is with the children...

Gillian, I know you are a prayer warrior so I am asking for help. I currently am helping my friend, Sarah, who runs a children's home in India. Two children in the last week have died--not really sure of the cause.

She has 84 kids and around 40 in one group home. There is some tropical disease, menigistis, or some other virus going around. Many kids are sick and one was rushed to the hospital (8 hrs away) yesterday becausehe was throwing up blood.

God is awesome though because Jaron made it to Hyderabad (hospital). Can you imagine any of our sweet children throwing up blood and having to drive 8 hrs on bumpy roads to get medical care?? There is a hospital close by but when one of the girls was dying --they went to them and there was not a Dr there. Can you imagine??

That is why Sarah takes them to the best hospital. Anyways these kids need vaccines. I know there is controversy about vaccinations but when you live in a group home in India, it is imperative to get vaccinated.

She is raising money for this. It is $175 a child. She will take any donation though. If you could pray and get the word out, I would so appreciate it and I know Sarah and the kids would as well.

These kids have a purpose from God. Here is her blog.


Since I know you are praying, I wanted to give you an update on Jaron. He did make it to Hyderabad--8 hrs and the Dr thinks he just has Gastritis but they are running more tests today. Praising God!!! He heard our cries. We still need to pray because the Dr wants Jaron to have a feeding tube in case he gets sick again because he can't affordto lose weight. The bad thing is there are no Mickey tubes in India and we need to get one to ship over. He will probably have to go home without one. This scares me. Sarah's needs a mickey tube for him---he weighs 25 pounds. (This child is 8 years old!!)

Can you include this one your blog and call out to any nurse friends that might could get one free? I check and they cost $165.00 but nurses or Dr can get them free. I will ship it if someone can get one. Please pray for Jaron to stay healthy and want to eat.

Also --I started a blog, the address is :

Blessings,Lori Pierce

"But those who are in need will always be remembered. The hope of those who are hurting will never die" Psalm 9:18

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treasure Them...and Keep Them out in the Open...;)

Its Spring Break here at our house--and the weather is glorious!! Perfect surroundings for sibling harmony--lots of wiiiide open spaces to roam in and to run that energy out of our boys--lots of sun highlighting the tenderness of little girlies too--Happy Spring everyone!!

Takin' time to "smell the roses"... and to feed the duckies. :)

Ava Aday's Easter dress made by Mommy :)--made me happy to see our littlest flower in it :)

Quiet Moment...

Hunting with Daddy

HMmmmmm...continue the egg hunt or just eat what's in this egg...?

Our friend, Mekitu, who joined us all for Easter Dinner at my Mom and Dad's--a precious new friend who grew up in Addis Ababa. He is hiding eggs with Bruik here.

Sorry, Ash, I didn't want to leave you out but didn't know how to turn this around!!

Graham, looking for eggs that were hidden by Dad--the REALLY HARD ones to find!!

Jack intent in a family game of kickball--so fun!! We love to play at the local Middle School.--One of the fun perks of a big fam. is that there's always enough players for teams :).

Ava did her part for the "Yellow Team"--she looked cute standing on her base, jogged around in her boots, and drew us pictures at each base in the clay. :)

Congrats to Ashley!! Franklin High School WON the Dan Alexander Tournament in Birmingham Alabama last week!! This girl POWERS down the field--she was such an asset to her team -- and is an encourager in the midst of her friends--we are proud of you, "TUCK"

Just livin' outside these days!

What kid can resist an awesome climb like this!? Our boys spent Ashely's whole Lacrosse Tournament running up and down--and taking some tumbles--even better!!

Go, Boys, Go!!

Whoa!! Watch out Bruiky!!

Bestest Buddies Ever!!

Power Heros!!



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I find my Lord in the Bible
Wherever I chance to look,
He is the theme of the Bible
the center and heart of the Book;
He is the Rose of Sharon,
He is the Lily fair,
Wherever, I open my Bible
The Lord of the Book is there.

He, at the Book's beginning,
Gave to the earth its form,
He is the Ark of shelter,
Bearing the brunt of the storm,
The Burning Bush of the desert,
The budding of Aaron's Rod,
Wherever I look in the Bible
I see the Son of God.

The Ram upon Mt. Moriah,
The Ladder from earth to sky,
The Scarlet Cord in the window,
And the Serpent lifted high,
The Smitten Rock in the desert,
The Shepherd with staff and crook,
The face of my Lord I discover
Whenever I open the Book.

He is the Seed of the Woman,
The Savior Virgin-born;
He is the Son of David,
Whom men reflected with scorn,
His garments of grace and beauty
The stately Aaoron deck,
Yet He is a Priest forever,
For He is Melchizedek.

Lord of eternal glory
Whom John, the Apostle, saw;
Light of the Golden City,
Lamb without spot or flaw,
Bridegroom coming at midnight,
For whom the Virgins look.
Wherever I open my Bible,
I find my Lord in the Book.

~Unknown author

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dirty Feet Got a Washin'

The beautiful day--the sunshine, the warmth, the gentle breeze--yesterday--it was as if God was creating a literal picture of the grace He purchased with Himself 2010 years ago on the cross...the gift of Himself...that He would so desire us...what he humbled Himself to live out for us--to die for us--to take on for us--the ultimate rescue--"How can it be? That YOU, oh,LORD would die for me?"...I am... head-over- heals in love with Jesus... Continually awestruck new wonders of Him...So lovesick for the Bridegroom...Come Quickly, Lord, Jesus!... This is coloring everything I am about--driving my heart--energizing/ structuring my days...

We spent our morning--as many other families in our area did--at a Ressurection walk. As there have been many firsts in our foster kids lives this year, this was another--to hear so much of the story of God's rescue of us for the first time--to see it through their eyes too...
The "walk" was at the back of a large church in a great field meandering along the border of a gently flowing river. Stations were set up under white tenting with church members acting out the Easter story.
One favorie moment was when M. refused to have his feet washed. He was SO Peter-like! Stubbornly he looked with distain at the water in buckets next to the haybale "seats" and then back at his cool sports shoes which are a part of his identiy. "NO WAY. NO one is washin' my feet."

'Oh yes they are, M.!' I side-hugged him, 'and its going to be me!'

...There's such a sweet dimension to my relationship with M., one of mutual honor and love--he never refuses "Mom GG". I love this boy-man child!!

He plopped down on one of the haybales--trying to find a dry spot to settle in, trying to maintain alot of Jr. High dignity as well.

First foot was a bit of struggle but by the time we got to shoeless feet and he was assured that the shoes were going to be safe--he was much more keyed -in to whatever this was about.

He smiled that golden, heart-melting smile as I picked up the first strong foot.

We talked about his salvation and how beautiful and strong the Bible calls these feet that are going to carry him down the road of his destiny in God and on the way to tell many more about Jesus.

By the time we dried it off we were laughing over the story of Peter who I informed M. was so similar to him in gifting and personality.

--so superly used by Jesus.

--so loved by Him.

--How Peter had refused to be served by Jesus.

-- How Peter had been embarrassed to humble Himself, to reveal the dirty, more homely, more simply human parts of himself to receive this gift of cleansing from his Master and Lord--

'Why... I should be serving YOU, Lord!'

BUT when he 'got' how incredible it was to be washed/cleansed/loved by Jesus he said,

"Don't just wash my feet God!--you can wash ALL of me!!"

(Just LOVE This guy's raw enthusiasm!!)

--Ah, no thanks Peter...Just this much is enough for this object lesson...thanks though!! :)...

We got M.'s shoes on and one by one, with MUCH delight, each of my little children discovered and announced that M. had gotten his feet washed by MOM-- somehow it brought out adoration and star status from them--he was glowing :)

...Then came my turn to be "Peter".

'Mom, I'll wash YOUR feet' from M.'s sweet sister.

And I revealed feet that really show how busy a mom I actually am these days--with red marks from my sandals and dust from the days' walk all in places that I would have personally have liked to wipe away rather than someone else. It became a precious love moment.

This child already is washing people's feet and hearts each day--especially since she recently accepted Jesus as her savior...sweet encourager, generous giver--she reminds me of John, who Jesus leaned on...Beautiful, precious child of my heart...How our Father must adore us as we lean down to serve Him--as we wash HIS feet by serving others...

We dried off and I squeaked off in wet sandals now (kinda trying hard NOT to think about all the stuff floating in that wash water...AH! my human heart--gets in my way too often!!)
We sheperded the kiddos to the next stations the trial and stripes--the cross...
This time as I heard the snap of the whip, as I held a nail steady for my children's weak hands to pound--careful not to get in the way of the hammer for even their blows could cause injury--as I heard the words "why have you forsaken me?"--TEARS--choking love--blinded eyes beneath my sunglasses as the pretty day became blurry under a veil of love and tears and worship for MY Jesus. My Bridegroom. My strength, MY life, MY bread, MY wisdom, MY fountain of cleansing, MY confidant, MY hope, MY total forgiveness and covering from ALL my sin, MY sanity, MY confidence,MY love, My anything good that ever comes from this girl, MINE...HIS...SO... in LOVE...
Blessings as you consider HIM today.
"I am the Way the Truth and the Life--no man comes to the Father except through me."

And here's a gift of a story, given to me from my Father- in -law, Dad T.

I love you, Dad T.!

This story tells who we are because of what Jesus did through us on the cross. Because of God's love for us--He would not be apart from us--He provided a way to be close to us again...

An eye witness account from New York City , on a cold day in
some years ago:
A little boy, about 10-years-old, was standing before a shoe store on the roadway,
barefooted, peering through the window, and shivering with cold.

A lady approached the young boy and said,

'My, but you're in such
deep thought staring in that window!'

'I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes,'was the boy's reply.

The lady took him by the hand,
went into the store,
and asked the clerk to get half a dozen pairs of socks for the boy. She then asked

if he could give her a basin of water and a towel.

He quickly brought them to her.

She took the little fellow to the back
part of the store and,

removing her gloves,

knelt down,

washed his little feet,

and dried them with the towel.

By this time, the clerk had returned with the socks...

Placing a pair upon the boy's feet, she purchased him a pair of shoes..
She tied up the remaining pairs of socks and gave them to him.. She patted him on the head and said,

'No doubt, you will be more comfortable now.'

As she turned to go,
the astonished kid caught her by the hand, and

looking up into her face,

with tears in his eyes, asked her.

'Are you God's wife?'


Love to God's beloved today...
Love, Gillian