Friday, April 16, 2010

An URGENT need -- please help this little boy with a specific need.

Yesterday, Bruik and I were driving along in the car talking about how, in Jesus, we really are brother and sister--he liked this ALOT!--I'm not sure if it was equal standing with Mommy or our family relation in God that so tickled him. :)

In Christ, all orphans belong to our Father. So, simply, they are the children of our heart and are under our covering as well.

Today, I'm introducing you to and am asking you to respond to a very special 8 year old boy and his orphanage in India.

Jaron has been in my heart and prayers for a while now--a precious friend, Lori, introduced me originally to him.

You can meet Jaron by going to the button on the side of my blog and clicking on Sarah's Covenant Homes
Here's the situation from emails from Lori--Please give this situation a wide-open response from your heart--and if you know anyone in the medical field that may have a solution here--please contact Lori or the orphanage director, Sarah , who is in county,--both addresses are below. (I'm not quite link savy yet!)Look on the orphange address to see a photo and video of precious Jaron and how loving Sarah is with the children...

Gillian, I know you are a prayer warrior so I am asking for help. I currently am helping my friend, Sarah, who runs a children's home in India. Two children in the last week have died--not really sure of the cause.

She has 84 kids and around 40 in one group home. There is some tropical disease, menigistis, or some other virus going around. Many kids are sick and one was rushed to the hospital (8 hrs away) yesterday becausehe was throwing up blood.

God is awesome though because Jaron made it to Hyderabad (hospital). Can you imagine any of our sweet children throwing up blood and having to drive 8 hrs on bumpy roads to get medical care?? There is a hospital close by but when one of the girls was dying --they went to them and there was not a Dr there. Can you imagine??

That is why Sarah takes them to the best hospital. Anyways these kids need vaccines. I know there is controversy about vaccinations but when you live in a group home in India, it is imperative to get vaccinated.

She is raising money for this. It is $175 a child. She will take any donation though. If you could pray and get the word out, I would so appreciate it and I know Sarah and the kids would as well.

These kids have a purpose from God. Here is her blog.


Since I know you are praying, I wanted to give you an update on Jaron. He did make it to Hyderabad--8 hrs and the Dr thinks he just has Gastritis but they are running more tests today. Praising God!!! He heard our cries. We still need to pray because the Dr wants Jaron to have a feeding tube in case he gets sick again because he can't affordto lose weight. The bad thing is there are no Mickey tubes in India and we need to get one to ship over. He will probably have to go home without one. This scares me. Sarah's needs a mickey tube for him---he weighs 25 pounds. (This child is 8 years old!!)

Can you include this one your blog and call out to any nurse friends that might could get one free? I check and they cost $165.00 but nurses or Dr can get them free. I will ship it if someone can get one. Please pray for Jaron to stay healthy and want to eat.

Also --I started a blog, the address is :

Blessings,Lori Pierce

"But those who are in need will always be remembered. The hope of those who are hurting will never die" Psalm 9:18


Anonymous said...

Gillian--thank you so much. Blessing to you and your family!
Lori Pierce

Anonymous said...

Gillian--just wanted you to know that Jaron is doing a little better. Pray for him. Tomorrow he gets a gtube in. Hopefully that will fatten him up.

Lori P.