Monday, April 26, 2010

Gotcha!! #3 and some very Special Birthdays today

Our adoption video--made on the anniversary of our first gotcha date...

Three years ago today--we stepped on that plane

To go bring home our newest son
and our baby daughter

A gift from God--
We rejoice even more today!!

WE LOVE YOU, Bruik and Ava!!! Can't imagine our family another way!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy and Ashley, Graham, Anderson, and Jack

...And the link below is a gift to all who are on the road to adoption
or who have questions about transition or how to raise them up once you step foot OFF the plane...
Or who are in the process of "raising them up as sons" and know how haaard this walk can be...

The resource link below is tender and wise and really similar to how God has taught us to walk through the past years with our precious two. It articulates well what adopted children need--hope this is a blessing to you.

TCU Institute of Child Development

And, I must add--this date is a really special one to our family--it is also the birthday of my precious Dad--Happy Birthday to you, DAD!! Adoring you has made it easy to understand God's Fatherly tenderness toward me.

AND this day is also the birthday of our precious son, Joshua, who lives in Heaven with Jesus.--He turns seven today. (Joshua lived in Mommy's tummy for four and a half months before going to heaven) -- We LOVE you, Joshua--Hug Jesus tightly for us today, glory son!! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Lots of love to you all,


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