Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treasure Them...and Keep Them out in the Open...;)

Its Spring Break here at our house--and the weather is glorious!! Perfect surroundings for sibling harmony--lots of wiiiide open spaces to roam in and to run that energy out of our boys--lots of sun highlighting the tenderness of little girlies too--Happy Spring everyone!!

Takin' time to "smell the roses"... and to feed the duckies. :)

Ava Aday's Easter dress made by Mommy :)--made me happy to see our littlest flower in it :)

Quiet Moment...

Hunting with Daddy

HMmmmmm...continue the egg hunt or just eat what's in this egg...?

Our friend, Mekitu, who joined us all for Easter Dinner at my Mom and Dad's--a precious new friend who grew up in Addis Ababa. He is hiding eggs with Bruik here.

Sorry, Ash, I didn't want to leave you out but didn't know how to turn this around!!

Graham, looking for eggs that were hidden by Dad--the REALLY HARD ones to find!!

Jack intent in a family game of kickball--so fun!! We love to play at the local Middle School.--One of the fun perks of a big fam. is that there's always enough players for teams :).

Ava did her part for the "Yellow Team"--she looked cute standing on her base, jogged around in her boots, and drew us pictures at each base in the clay. :)

Congrats to Ashley!! Franklin High School WON the Dan Alexander Tournament in Birmingham Alabama last week!! This girl POWERS down the field--she was such an asset to her team -- and is an encourager in the midst of her friends--we are proud of you, "TUCK"

Just livin' outside these days!

What kid can resist an awesome climb like this!? Our boys spent Ashely's whole Lacrosse Tournament running up and down--and taking some tumbles--even better!!

Go, Boys, Go!!

Whoa!! Watch out Bruiky!!

Bestest Buddies Ever!!

Power Heros!!



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