Friday, April 3, 2009

Scrub-a -Dub, Dub, Our 6 Kids in a Tub

Anderson's prayer (our 2nd grader) at the breckfast table this morning with the littles (our 3,4,and 5 year olds):

"O.K.QUIET!!(He hollors)" "Let's pray...(everybody, CLOSE YOUR EYES!!), Dear God, really you are Mighty!! We thank you this morning that we are alive and that you brought Daddy, Mommy, and Graham safely home to us. Thank you for not letting the Bridgestone building fall down when Daddy was in it and the tornado got so close to it. You only let the sign blow down--and some bricks--on some cars. You made RUSHING winds last night,RAINS, and STORMS and TORNADOS! You are SO powerful, God. And you gave us T.V. warnings to keep us safe. And we were hiding,in our safe place, but you were strong and you knew where we were. You even kept us from getting slashed with glass (the biggest fear of Anderson's day yesterday). Thank you also for the Cheerios we got to eat in the bathtub and that Annie (our dog) was safe. But most of all, God, thank you because I really like the bathtub so I can snuggle up with my family in it."

In the midst of a scary storm, so many things to smile about--one announcement said that most injuries from tornados are caused by head injury--so someone suggested we all wear our bike helmets :)--this was AFTER the storm warning was over--ever try slurpping up spagetti through the straps of a bike helmet? HEE! They were so funny with their big ole heads all around the table last night. And aren't they silly in the tub photo above--snuggled in the nest in the midst of a terrible storm... I love being God's child.



Amanda said...

This was awesome. You are an incredible mom of God and that's obvious by the way Anderson prayed. He had to learn how to pray somewhere and I bet it was from his mom and dad!

Elle and Audrey said...

Thats so awesome! I love his prayer. -audrey

Kristi J said...

Wow..what a great blog you have going and What a talented writer you are!! So beautifully written!! Thanks for your sweet comment today...I pray we have good news soon about our court date, kristi

The Fab 4 said...

I love this post! What a sweet child to notice all the good in the midst of a real, live storm.

Maybe I would have more success getting my children to eat spaghetti if I suggested we wear helmets??!!