Sunday, May 2, 2010

When the Waters Come

As I write this post flooding has come to our neighborhood at least 20 homes are flooded. Last night we received a frantic call from the precious lady who rents our home in the back of our neighborhood--the Harpeth River--which is normally about 200 feet from our home was encroaching quickly--it was already at our neighbors back doors. We sent Richard, Graham, and Big M. out into the night to hoist furniture up stairs and to carry out children and animals down our street which in an hours' time became knee deep, then as high as the mailboxes--as high as Richard's waist (he's a 6 foot 5 inch guy!!). My men came home hours later, after the police and firemen had declared that the homes be evacuated and after securing them as much as possible at the time... During this time tornado sirens rang out in addition to the storm and one of our precious neighbor's, The Lowry's house caught on fire and the fire department could not get enought pressure out of their hoses. Their home has now burned to the ground. As Mrs. Lowry stood with her family and watched the blaze of her home it is reported that she told a neighbor, "It is just stuff. I'm thankful my family is O.K."

This is one of those times that you see on T.V. on the evening news--there is actually an incredible peace to being a child of God in the midst of a "disaster area". We are as helpless to hold back the water as the sticks I see being swept past our house--But we have a great settledness and confidence that we are covenant children of the MIGHTY God who originally made ALL the boundary lines for water and said to the sea, "You may NOT pass this line." He is the same God who stood in the middle of the Red Sea and made the waters RECEDE on either side--drying it up for His people to walk through on dry land.

Our afflictions are eclipsed by His glory. Our fears are nothing compared to His Greater Love and Power in us.

As my Richard hoisted I gathered up and comforted children in the storm and snuggled them all up into blankets on the first floor last night. Then it was time to praise God. To give Him a sacrefice of Praise. This is our only option when the "storms" come. We have asked big and bold requests of our Father who loves us so much through His perfect son--I'm so glad to know Him personally --He is a real and present friend--He is more real than our closest friend.

The physical rain is still falling at this posting--We are not afraid--we are asking for God to keep us dry and safe--to make a boundary line for our property--we are praying against what our eyes see. But what is more important is that He is to be glorified--in the storms of life--May more of Him come out through the harder times in our lives--and may He also create notable miracles among HIs people that would bring many souls to Himself--to bring MORE glory to Him--that's the point of Life after all--that more Glory would come to Him.

Last Night as I was pressing in to worship and intercession I heard a song with lyrics like this,

Be near me God
Depths are High to You
Dark is Light to You
Far is Near to You
Lord I need to Hear from You
You are Near

He is EVEN closer to us in these times--He actually promises to be "near" and to "carry" us. I trust Him. May our hearts continually be "flooded" by Him.

Please pray that God will push back the flood waters for our family, for our neighbors, for our town and area. Sweet little beautiful Franklin is now waist deep in flood water in the down town streets. There are people in canoes in my neighborhood... And if you are in the local area, its worth a drive out there--if its safe!!-- to see what some of your neighbors are going through--whole neighborhoods are water-logged--please assist as you can. Many will need help with clean up of debris and water logging, and cleaning out homes. Many will need meals. I was just at the local grocery and many of the people, while bonded in this time of disaster--were looking dazed --now is a fruitful time to share God's heart and love with them. Come work among God's people here to help them--come share true hope with those who do not know God and who may be crying out desparately for Him--please be praying for these specific families--that God would use this time to "flood" their hearts with PURE, living water for the first time--with an "overflow" of His Presence and real, saving Power.
We've just filled the bathtubs, baby pool,washing machine and all available containers in the house after hearing the water system could be compromised here in our town. We are heading out the door to check the status of our house right now--at 3:00 the water was at the threshold...we are praying it down with the only true weapons/tools in a time like this that actually work--God's wonderful, active,powerful name and His Word...
Please lift up our foster children at this time--unsettled times are especially stressful for them...

Psalm 32:6+7

"Therefore let everyone who is Godly Pray to you while you may be found;
surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him.
You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."

Because He is here, we are and will be O.K.
Blessings and real Grace to all who are in the middle of this storm situation.



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America meets India said...

Gillian--the song by Casting Crowns came to mind, Praise you in this Storm. I am praying for your neighborhood and mine and many others as well. God is in control!