Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to Graham!! Graham celebrates a this weekend--having friends over today for a bar-be-que and sports time. I loved seeing this bunch "hacky sacking" in my backyard--full heart today!! They all are so BIG now--it is SO much fun to enjoy these teen years--whoever said these were supposed to be terrible teen years? I love them!!

We declare a "hope and a future" in Jesus for our merciful son, with a heart that beats after God.
Graham has enjoyed so many things this year--basketball, cross-country, track, clarinet in the GMS band--He has a gift for keeping us laughing. He is a great friend and can relate to kids as well as adults. He cooks for all ten of us here (LOVE this kid!!) and has a mean eye for design in creative projects. He's my bargain hunting buddy too. Graham has turned out to have a real mind for business--he has started a bustling lawn-care business endevor that shows organization, responsibility, a willingness to work hard, and integrity.
He's also a hero around here to all his little siblings! The night of the floods and for days afterward he just said, lets get going, and waded among the waters with his Dad to help people and save their poccessions--he's just a wonderful kid. He serves his mama too. Without asking, he senses when people need to talk. Or rest--he shepherds little ones often. He'll also organize the garage or spend an evening with me cooking up new dishes for the family in the kitchen--he has a GIFT for keeping his room organized--AND his brothers!--gotta love this!!what would we do without you, Graham?!!

We are SO proud of you, son!

New High School Freshman--Graduated from Middle School Yesterday

Kind Brother

A Young Man and His "Annie"-Dog

13 years ago God miraculously healed Graham from an invasive bone cancer tumor. We had been told that no one could survive this diagnosis (that only looks one certain way under a microscope)--Three days after preparing our hearts for heaven for our son yet crying out for healing, God stepped in. He completely took away all illness and evidence of this disease away from our baby. Graham is now written up in Medical journals and our unbelieving doctor said, "You must have been talking to the 'Big Guy' upstairs--this is unexplainable and is making me believe that He might actually exist!!"
We are MORE than thankful for EVERY DAY we have been given with this precious son.

You're a blessing, Graham---we ALL love you very much!!

Love, Mom

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Graham!!!! Couldn't agree more, too!! That is one awesome young man! ---he's been raised right! :)) We love you Graham!