Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love the Tucker Family? Love to Save Money? This Post Might be for You!

Our first ever fundraiser (yes we are newbies at this!!)--please help to support our family.We are selling Samaritan Cards--you gotta get you one!

Well, anyone who has been close to us this year in fellowship,family, or via blog :) has gathered that this has been QUITE a year, full of calling, miracles, movement from God for the "Tucker Ten". Its been hard, joyful, funny, cleansing, maturing --JUST where we have needed to be.

A new season has arrived here--actually Richard and I received continual, amazing confirmation for this in this past school year-- This we will share at another point--the story is too big to share in one post--BUT its coming...:)

Through our walk with the Lord in recent years, we have recognized what it looks like and feels like when the Holy Spirit is birthing something new--
He has done this several times in our life--most recently with our adoption and then the call to shelter the foster children this year.

We are getting familiar with the call to lay it down even more--to take another step out onto the water. Trust us--this new call is a biggie --and we are very humbled and prayful still. But what we CAN share at this point is the need that our family has at this moment as God is transitioning us to something new. (Genesis 12)

We are going to need to raise money to support our six children so that we can fully step even more into a missionary lifestyle. Next year we will need to be coming up with education money for them as well as many other expenses.

And in the midst of this, although our home in the back of Cottonwood was miraculously saved from the flood waters--(We actually wrote and then had to take that post down related to personal identity issues-BUT ASK us about this--it was POWERFUL!!)--The house did take on damages that are not enormous in scope but enormous in cost to our large family that already lives on Faith.

We are now needing to replace Two AC units (found that out today),a water heater, duct work, drywalling rooms,rebuilding costs... But that's the exciting part!! We KNOW that we know that we know that God has His hand on us. We KNOW that He has called us to a specific ministry and that what He calls His people to He WILL complete--how many adoptive families out there have I testified of this too? I stand on those words, y'all. We are asking God for notable miracles. After all we are the family who prayed for grocery provision at a point this year and by that night God had black plastic trash bags of bread DELIVERED to our doorstep!!(see our post--The bread lady for that story) We declare His faithfulness of the past and stand in the middle of His goodness. We believe He's about to send us into what He's called us to.

As a first step of sorts, believing that God is going to bring to us what we need to do what He has asked of us, we are having our first ever fund-raiser-- Samaritan Cards.

Please consider buying a Samaritan Card from our family.

This is a discount card that gives you access to reusable coupons to merchants, restaurants, auto repair, online shopping, recreation, and travel coupons tailored to your zipcode.

The savings are truly great--we are impressed with ours!! 10-50 percent savings and if you do not save 20 dollars in a year your Samaritan Cards will refund your money back.

Look at this link below at participating merchants--there are SO many!!--

We have activated our Samaritan Card and some of our favs so far have been

10 percent off online shopping to Target
10 percent off reuable coupon to La Hacienda down the street--Richard's and my escape of choice for a date dinner
Grocery Coupons--a best friend of sorts for a Mama of 10 :)
Best Buys
We thought the Maggie Moos would be great for summer fun.
There's coupons to the local bowling alley that can be reused all summer, to discount parks too.

If you click on the below link and put in your zipcode--you don't have to live near us or even in our state--you can see the goodies near you or available online.
Check it out!

Participating Merchants

If you would like to purchase a card, they are $20.00 (no tax).
Please pay us by Pay Pal button on the sidebar and we will mail your card to you right away.
Please mail us your address at
and we will mail it out to you right away.

If God lays our family further on your heart, we are able to receive further donations as well via our Pay Pal account--or you could buy multiple cards and give as gifts :).

This particular fundraiser will only be available for several weeks--if you are led to support us we are incredibly grateful!

Grace and Love,


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