Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heart Ensurance--in the Storm

Remarkable outpouring of love and manpower still in our neighborhood. This photo was taken as the water was receding from being up at mailbox level.

As we gathered items--mainly clothing to give to a four year old girl who's family has lost their home in a sudden house fire the night of the flooding, Ava said,
"Mommy!! Now L--- is just like me! I didna have a home in Etopia. There were no toys. I lived on the ground. Mommy, does L--- live on the ground now? Mommy, does L--- still have a Mommy and a family?--oh,oh,oh, cause when I didna have a Mommy and a family and a house and a family God saw me. He told you to come get me."

Suddenly a third world location and my Western suburb were not so different--in the heart of a time of trouble--the first place a little girl's heart goes is to "Where is my Mommy? Where is my Daddy? Where is my family? Is what is priceless still in place?"

And me as well...the only place to run in recent storms was into my Heavenly Father's lap. He says He is "very near" in trouble. I stand here. I bank my very life on this. "In Him we live and breathe and have our being."

As I stand here, I know that everything in our lives has to go through my Father's hands. Look in the book of Job to find this--even the lightning has to report to Him. And, in the book of Revelation, it shows that it is Christ that who has to open the seals before any new time season begins -- all of Heaven and Earth has to wait for this--He's in charge--has all the authority.

Trouble--"labor pains" as the Bible calls them, on the Earth,here in our daily lives, draw more of the power of, more of the glory of God out of His child's life--confirming His love and provision and salvation for them in a VERY REAL,NEAR way.

I believe we have not seen the end of them. Times like what have come to our local community and many other examples in our national and global news bulletins are examples that like storm warnings pointing to a greater storm--

Just as many of us in Tennessee looked up in the sky the other day and sought shelter when we saw the lighting and felt the cascade of rain and saw the circular tornadic activity on our radar images -- knew what kind of weather was out there--there are "weather patterns"--hints and warnings that God has clearly given us that we can understand and take shelter in Him --to get ready for the greater trials that will come before Jesus returns to the Earth. Now's the time to ready our hearts. To ask for more of God's Presence, to ask the Holy Spirit to fill us up with His oil so we will be burning brightly now and during times to come (Read Billy Graham's new book, Storm Warning about this or Matthew 24 or 2 Timothy 3:1-5, or Thessalonians to discern the times that we are in.)

Trouble can also be highly effective to shepherd hearts who may have been distant from God back into His arms.

OR into His Salvation for the very first time!--One man in our neighborhood was saved by Jesus on the night of the floods--as he prayed to Christ for the first time-

-the presence of the Lord came upon him and he was literally "flooded" in another way!!--

This precious man is now telling everyone he speaks to that God saved him on that night-- in every way--he's on fire!! His whole persona is saturated with the beauty of Jesus--its utterly beautiful and strikes my heart with Awe. May trouble be well used, may it bring many to lasting treasure--relationship with a very real God and Savior who desires us near to Him--who considers us great treasure--who put Himself in trauma and trouble to ensure our safety in Him forever--He'll do ANYTHING to search us out and draw us close at times.

I know and declare that this is true:

"The Lord is good, a strong place in the day of trouble; and he has knowledge of those who take him for their safe cover."

Deep down inside,
We are safe.
We are covered.
Can separate us,
From the love of God,
In Christ Jesus
Toward us.
A Home is not my ultimate shelter,
For my shelter resides with me always.
And,I can take shelter at ANY moment,
Be it in storms,
or in pressure,
or trial,
or tribulation,

In what is

Ever- lasting,
and very True.

Christ IS my home.
He is ALL that I need.
Since He is in me,
And I am in Him,
I am always

Love to you,


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