Friday, March 19, 2010

To Market, To Market

Definitely one of the highlights of our week!!
Just love getting out and about with little Bruik and Ava.
Bruik still remembers eating Ethiopian food and so this Market is a neat connection to Ethiopia. We see Ethiopian nationals each time we are in the store and they visit with us and hug and kiss our children like we are back in Addis--very sweet.

Ava and Bruik with a cartful of goodies at the International Market on Thompson Lane.

The eggs in the cart are from a local Mennonite Farmer--Farm Fresh--Yum!
See the Injera Bread in our cart as well? We know the lady who makes it. Abay Injera is tender and delicious.

And who can resist chocolate covered wafer candy? The kind shop owner GAVE these to the children.

O.K. Mom, that's enough, let's head on home now...
We'll be back soon!!

Have a great weekend!
Love, Gillian


sallee said...

JUST simply ADORABLE babies !!!

Bonner Family said...

They are sooo cute!!! What a special family you have :)

Oatsvall Team said...

precious pictures ... what a beautiful family you have!