Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5,4,3,2,1 Praise Reports Countdown

We are going to do a Tucker countdown of the goodness of God in our midst...

Starting with... #5...

Number FIVE...

Their mother is ALIVE!!

Another commitment to Christ in our midst!!

We received the news in a precious group phone call the other day!!!!!!!!!

We invited the newly- born princess over for a pizza dinner and we all hugged and cheered and laughed and watched the children dance that night.
In the midst of pizza and laughter and hair fixin', a funny movie, and spazy kid dancing--our Friday pizza night --you gotta love it!...

We were told this night was a first.

...The first family night--ever for the guest at our table...

And so, another life was added to our family group here--but not a son or a daughter this time

but a sister.

He never gives up on us


--in fact, as Revelation shares, when God opens a door NO MAN can shut it.

It is NEVER too late for a new beginning


--All things are made possible.

I believe this.

Recently we prayed to understand --to see what God means by transformation--"show us more of this we asked"--we stayed down on our knees,


Fasting for a breakthrough of His Presence in our midst

--for salvation for these new family members and a new friend--

Then, to actually SEE it before our literal eyes--God is real and wants to fix the lonely, broken,even you even me--He is searching for us...

Who are you asking for?

Who has God placed on your heart?

It was that name that just flashed across your mind.

Yes, that one--

Start asking--NOTHING is impossible--

More praise reports to come!!

Love to you!



The Fab 4 said...

You WON! My little Dosen drew YOUR name for a Simply Love India shirt! email me with the size you want for your handsome, wrestlin' fella, and I'll get it ordered asap. I think Jennifer would like to order by midnight tonight if possible.

YAY for you!!!

Gillian said...

AWESOME, Merica!! He's goint to love that--he's actually gonna be praise report # 3 this week! :)