Thursday, March 11, 2010

Number 4 in the countdown of praise this week...

Number the countdown of praise this week...

#4 The Mihnovich Four....

It is so amazing to hold the answer to your prayers in your arms! I speak for many of us who counted down the days to first the release and then the arrival of the Mihnovich children. These four children --JUST arrived to America from Ethiopia --see Tracy's blog, Unveiled Faces at the sidebar here--this little family group is completely and utterly precious.

We have the honor of being backyard neighbors with the Mihnovich and Worton families and so cul-de-sac time is a festival of nations--Ethiopia the prominant one!! To see our previously adopted children from Ethiopia and birth children all running joyfully around with the new lambs from Ethiopia is a heavenly sight. I praise God to be included in such JOY!!

Each one of these children, especially the ones in transition have a inner beauty and tenderness to them that is a gift to behold. Yes, transition has its mighty challenges but God has given such a beautiful Mama and strong Daddy to these children. To see the multitude of kisses,to watch the incredible sports potential with bikes and balls--Wow!!-- to see the children safe and comfortable in their home of one week, to hear little Isaiah say "Mommy" and "Daddy" in his Amharic accent,to witness the grin and the gleem in James' eye when you mention his Father will come home tonight, to see Nati relaxed and going about the business of being a young teen boy, to feel a tender hug from Mercy and to look into her deep eyes--to watch her play baby dolls with Neighbor, Mackenzie a sister of newly arrived, heart-melting Micah. To see my children in the mix, growing up in a sea of children from many lands--that each of these children already understands that Love has taken them in--is sacred ground. It reminds me of a promise God used in our own transition and holds out so freely for this one, "Your sons will be taught by the Lord...And Great will be your childrens' peace".

Love to the Mihnovich family who is living an incredible truth --that Love truly "covers all" things. Miracles in the midst...miracles to come... Grace to you.

Love, Gillian

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