Sunday, March 14, 2010

M showing Jack and Bruik his wrestling medals.

Its been an incredible journey for our foster son and daughter and us this school year.

In the end of our Tucker Praise countdown from this week...2...1... We want to celebrate VICTORY for M!!

This fall he joined his first team ever--a wrestling team at school. The coaches and families poured SO much into him. He has come home beaming, telling stories of the whole gym chanting his name. :) God has given him some GREAT natural talent that was uncovered as the months went by. He even impressed a retired professional football player that saw unusual talent in him at a recent meet--"this guy is raw talent--he could do anything". Different messages in this new season of life...Stand tall, M! We believe you could head toward WHATEVER you want in life in this life hidden in Christ. A destiny. A "Hope and a Future" is in store for you for sure!

"Mom! LOOK!!"--medals brought one-by one through the door,big broad smiles on this teddy- bear- of- a- big -13 -year- old kid. Confidence splashing over in other areas too. New friends, new mentors, a community on the edge of its seat--cheering for a miracle on the mat...

Then, just one week ago, M placed in an important tournament. This terrific kid is going to the STATE level!!! "MOM!! I'm going to STATE!! It was haarrrd. I even had to wrestle a girl at a time. Gross. It was real haarrd. I did it...I'm goin' to STAAATE!!"

About a week from now. Pray him through, won't you?



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The Fab 4 said...

M, you have a cheer squad in Cleveland, TN!! Take State!! We are so proud of you!