Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SO Big!

Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows my love of relationships and creativity can trump my love of cleaning. :))
Lately, in the midst of an urgent homestudy and all the extra appointments, papers,errands, and most especially the heart space that this is taking up in me...
as my heart is once again in two places..
  in midwestern Missouri ...yet at the same time  half-way across the world in the Marshall Islands...
set on a baby of my heart...
Who may not have had 3 meals to eat today in Momma's Tummy...
who's need for safety and rescue burns on my heart...
who's value and sweetness I am already captivated by...
 Well...then things like deep cleaning...well...they just ain't rolling like clockwork, let's say!!? :)))
  I literally have been asking in prayer for God to please send me some regular help here at home.
 I even used the phrase, "like a maid...but without cost". Yesterday, as I was driving home from blood draws, physicals, and TB testing at the doctor's office with half of my family, Richard called me on my cell.
"You gotta hear this, honey!" He went on to tell me we had just received an email asking if we would like to receive help for 2 hours a week from 3 student interns from our ministry base here at IHOP-KC who have adoptive hearts and want to serve our family. At the end of their note, they blessed and thanked us!
 It was SO,SO sweet.
 To be seen.
 For some burden to be lifted by mercy's arms.
 To watch as a SPECIFIC prayer was answered!!!!!!

So at 3pm today, 3 darling college- aged girls showed up at my door with earnest hands and delight in their eyes to serve us!! There is barely ANYTHING in all of creation more beautiful or cuter than a young woman who is full of JOY. They cheerfully asked about our family and some specific needs and then bustled about my house for 2 girl singing in the kitchen, another gentle soul volunteering with the sweetest smile to clean the bathroom of all places!!...and the other sweeping up places in the living room that I believe have not ever been reached since we moved in...even got UNDER the area rug ...while she bantered and joked with my little kids.
 To top it off they all came to me at 5pm, so pleased with their hard work and me just admiring the shine in my "world" and oooing and ahhing over them!!
 One girl said, "This was just like being at a friend's house and cleaning up after a good meal." 
Another said, "I feel like family here." (I was so glad, that had been my prayer for them)
 And the other said, "so just make us a list and we'll come back each week, bet you'll come up with a lot of good stuff after we leave tonight!"

This .was .love.

BIG love for this girl!!!! ♥

And if you ever wonder if people's hearts are truly alive? If Christians are "for real"?

Well, you'll know who they are...

When you see them loving BIG and WELL.

You will know them by their love.


Sara said...

LOVE this.

Gillian said...

Me too, Sara!!! God loves so well. :)) Blessings, today!