Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes the Thank You is Big and NoISy !! :)

Our Living Room Last Night!
The Children Break Out Into Praise
And Thanks, 
As They Hear the News
That The Funding for the Adopted Baby's Trip Here
Has Come Completely In!

They Then Began Adoring Jesus
And Remembering that He too
Went on a Long Journey
To Be Born
And That He Too was Adopted
And That He Adopts Us Too.
And Incredible Night
Thanks Turned to Worship.
The Glory of a Child's Heart
Will Ever Be a Model for My Own!!

We Can't Wait to Meet Our Baby SOON!!

Thank you for ALL of your love, prayers, generous giving!!
This will enable the first steps of our adoption story to begin!

Sometimes the Thank You is BiG and NoIsY
It should be!!

Much Love From the Tucker Family!!

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