Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Favorite Hour

Not an unusual day. But I make a promise to my almost 11 year old. After schoolwork we'll try out those binoculars from Christmas.

The day whirls by for him and for me and after schoolwork and play practice and a special drink date at Sonic with sister Ashley you might not think the boy NEEDED anything extra...his cup was full...his day looked complete. Even as he drank a huge Coke with Ashley he was thankful and said, maybe now I won't need to go out with Mom.

But he remembered the promise.
And so did I.

They head back with stories of the day and I exchange ours and he was surprised when I suggest for him to get his coat back on for we are goin' on our nature date.

"REALLY?" He smiles BIG.

"You don't need to Mom. I'm o.k."

{But would I be o.k. without YOU,son? ~ Be o.k. letting you go today?}

We each were not needy but needed to fill our promise to one another.

We head into the smaller car and I feel my Mama's heart begin to climb, sitting next to this one, looking so big and innocent in his big jacket, binoculars around his neck.

He looks over at me kinda shy like.

"Mom, don't tell the boys. I don't want them to feel bad."

I don't understand I tell him.

"Don't tell the boys that I am so special or something. They might feel bad that I get to do so much great stuff."

My feelings catch. Oh, my a large family this usually is not an issue!...I was just glad to have a moment to shower on you...and you felt like a favorite one...Don't FORGET Mama..these moments mean more than you could EVER know.

{Pssst...they EACH are my favorite ones!!}

We take a SIMPLE 5 minute drive. We have to get back in an hour to cook dinner for eight...but he owns my heart for this hour...

There is a business complex with a pond...near a bridge we have watched being built near our home...we pull in the parking lot and deliberate about which spot and where and what to bring or leave on our journey down around the pond...

I am getting motherly and he shouts out, "COME ON, MOM!!!!" and he pulls my arm so that our arms are locked and we are heading down at a run to the pond.

My buddy and I share the time God has made...and the beauty

And WHO said that boys were only all about ugly things and tails and such?
When I see life though this set of eyes... All SORT of beauty is reflected back to me.

Oh, my precious reflect the beauty of the world back to can I have amnesia to the beauty before me in my days?...but it is...what we passed by on so many errands and in our to and fro..And here WE are, my little friend...

Throwing rocks...and finding a surprise under the ice...

Watch out!! Sharks!!

And, {Be Still my Heart} he says, "Well, I guess that's just a part of adventure."

He actually blew into his wet shoe to 'warm it up' next!!!

Next, we look at ALL the differences in pond ice, hiking all around the pond and make it to the bridge to get all blown around by icy wind. He takes my hand {protectively!} as we cross the street...and we walk down the bridge sidewalk silly and slow while the world {most likely my neighbors and friends} past us by...headlights turning on...a truck beeps hello...we can't look back...we are on a journey...just us in the world...

We had to go in an hours' time and it was Anderson who says, "Awesome, MOM! Should we be getting back?" Like he is awakening to remembrance of other promises to those back home... We run back, over the road, down an embankment, and around the pond to the car, laughing and acting out, acting like 11 year olds :). Real JOY was found in one hour's time.

Taking time for the great rewards of the little moments. Digging in for them... finding LASTing treasures!!

Love, Gillian

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