Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fire in the Night ~ Anderson takes over the blog this time! :)

This post is really by our Mr. Adorable, Anderson. (11 years old)

His Words:

"Hi this is Anderson, after dinner tonight we were praying for people who do not know or love Jesus. There are SOOoooo many who DON'T. God pressed on my heart and I had to do SOMETHING. First, I made a good news book out of craft materials and asked my mom if I could go out right then and find someone to share the gospel of Jesus with. She said it was too dark and late but suggested I tell YOU on HERE by making a video!! I just needed to tell people about Jesus tonight! This is good news that EVERYBODY needs to hear!!If you don't know Jesus, here are the basics in my videos here. Really. Get to know Jesus, He is so awesome. You will get more than like all the money of the world if you come to know Christ. You only have a little bit of life to know Jesus."

(Yep...I told ya he's adorable!!)

"Please look at my videos. I really want you to know Jesus!!"

"Love, Anderson"

This will blow your MIND!!:

Let's start at the very beginning:

This is VERY important:

The red words bring us life --REALLY!!

Getting Washed is Like Jesus having a car wash

(sorry this is on its side!!)

Be blessed, Love, Your Friend, Anderson

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