Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Ready to Hear :) ~ so cute!!

I am having so much fun sharing this fun resource with you today!!

This little video is made by The Daniel Academy, our school here in Kansas City Missouri. We love how our children are being trained up in adoration for Jesus and in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord here.

In this video, Ava's Kindergarten teacher, our dear friend, Lelonnie Hibberd,who has a heart for children to know God's heart ( she's just the bestest Kindergarten teacher EVER!!), is showing what it means to get your heart ready to hear from God as you study scripture. This is how our kids study the Bible every day in addition to Bible teaching and worship. There are jewels on this little video here for each of us!

The super-cute family highlighted, is the Mike and Stephanie Gerard family--such an amazing family, full of life and God's joy and love. Each one of us in the Tucker family claims a buddy in the Gerard family and you will easily be able to see why!! :) ~ Make sure you watch long enough to hear little Shekinah sing--it is WELL worth bringing joy to the heart and a smile to today!!

Maybe show this to your family and try the "dare" at the end. :) You may be wowed at what God wants to say through your children. We did the "dare" last night and it was incredibly special to later gather round on the living room floor as the children shared what God had revealed to them as they meditated on Psalm 23:1~each one was so different and so special. We grew.

Blessings as we all grow in waiting on God and knowing His voice more every day...

"My sheep will know my voice" (John 10)

(Ashley will be on the next "Daniel Dare" video we will post and then Jack and Anderson too! ~ stay tuned! )


Lori (Maine) said...

Wow, Gillian--ty for posting this video! Despite the fact that I've been a Christian since accepting Jesus at age 13, I do not meditate --and did not know how. Although made so small children can understand, it is helpful for adults to learn the practice as well! God Bless, Lori

Gillian said...

Lori, I know what you mean! I loved the instruction from this too. I loved seeing the verse in the cup--that we are filling our minds and hearts with Him as we focus on Jesus and His Word. Blessings to you!

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing this. We did it tonight with our children and isn't it amazing how as we lead our children to the Lord, they lead us closer still?