Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ashley speaks on Comrades :)

Now it's Ashley's turn!

Here is a video about forming David/Johnathon type friendships in our children. School does not have to be a lonely or scary for any children in our midst when Christ-filled children learn how to reach out with God's love to draw in other kids around them. The bond children are capable of creating is incredible and can last for a lifetime.

We call this, "marvelous comaraderie"--its simple, but carries so much impact for children. If you have ever lived through a season in which it was your child who was the one who was left out (or that is a tender memory) you know how weighty relationships are in a child's life. We are watching the fruit of real "comaraderie"--where children are truly for one another--not perfect, but definitely joy-filled and welcoming-- in our family and at school. Makes such a difference in the school experience for the whole family!! The whole video is sweet but if you are short on time, friends, and have not seen Ashley in a while, her part of the video starts around minute 6.26.


Ashley and our other children would love to pray for any kids that might be lonely or having a rough time with relationships in school or for any other request. The kids will be taking questions as well for how to create a more peaceful/joy-filled environment for friends at school. Feel free to contact them for prayer at or in the comments section below.

"I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13)


Lori (Maine) said...

Wow, I've had some catching up to do on my blog reading tonite and am so thankful to the Lord to see this post--I KNOW it is not a mere coincidence!!
Although she is older (17) my niece Sabrina has really been struggling in high school. She is not a mature 17 in many ways--she's seen way too much that is not Godly due to her father's alcoholism and the general family dysfunction. And it seems she is drawn to these types of friends in high school. She is now being bullied by several of them--both at school and via computer and she is feeling that "teachers don't care" and has said "I don't have anyone I can trust at school." It hurts my heart. I'd love to take you up on your offer for prayer for Sabrina and other kids who are struggling. Thank you so much!!

Gillian said...

Lori, THANK YOU for pouring into Sabrina ~ she has an inheritance in Jesus for sure ~ We will be praying for her. My 17 year old Ashley is especially glad to be able to press into prayer for her. If Sabrina needs someone to talk to we could get her in touch with Ashley or our family via Love to you as well, Lori!!

Lori (Maine) said...

Thank you, Gillian and Ashley for praying for Sabrina!! I am already seeing some changes in her... in that her attitude at school seems a bit better these days. I AM however still concerned as she seems to be so engrossed in fantasy type stories and activities. I know LOTS of teens like the Twilight Series but Sabrina from a very young age (3) was allowed to watch horror movies. Not specifically put on tv for her but nonetheless, they wouldn't make special efforts to turn them off if she was around. Also, she is fascinated with werewolves, vampires, Japanese anime' etc. It concerns me--but maybe i'm just a worrywart? Not sure since I'm not familiar with any of the above.
Gillian, your prayers for me that I asked for a while back have really been helpful! For the first time in years I've been able to return to the workforce. Granted, only 16 to 20 hrs a week right now but that's a good start when I consider that I have been emotionally paralyzed at times by depression, panic attacks and ptsd symptoms from childhood trauma. Your family is really an inspiration to me--and a light in this world--thank you!! Love to you, Lori