Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Buy Oil

Misty Edwards--Matthew 25 Song (11.37 minutes)

This message burns on my heart and defines my time and my ways these days...loving entreaty from a loving Savior from Jesus' living Words of Matthew 25:1-13

But the busy shining their lamps...forgot to get the oil.

...And the 5 who were wise will say to the foolish:

Go Buy Oil

For Yourself.

You have to

Take the Time


Know Him for Yourself.

They say,

Go Buy Oil

I counsel you.

Buy it Now.

Go Buy Oil...

Before it is Too Late.

I counsel you Now

Buy GOLD Refined

in the Fire.

Take the Time

From the Inside Out

Take the Time to Be Aquainted

with the Holy Spirit and the Word

Before it is Too Late...

Cultivating the Oil of Intimacy
(Mike Bickle--One Thing Conference 09)


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