Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stables,Garages...its all the same to Him :)

Tonight we were in the garage.  We had just brought down our Christmas boxes from the attic and now we were sorting through them. Different children floated in and out of the task when it seemed to become "work" instead of "fun". :)...our "tween", Anderson came in half-way through and started pulling out stockings and stocking holders.  He took over displaying all of our stockings with great pride and he was a cheery buddy to work with.  After a bit, Anderson saw this tiny little stocking and stopped short..

"..AWwww a BABY stocking." He said stroking it..

."Yes, its cute isn't it",

 I was registering that he REALLY loved the stocking as I continued to hunt around in various boxes, organizing my strategy for what and how it was to come into the the end of a longish day Mama was pretty tired in the midst of a task that so requires mandetory cheer!

Standing behind me, still very focused on this stocking, He seemed to be growing quite attached to this bit of Christmas decoration that did not even have enough material to be worthy of the name "stocking". Yet,He went on, "Mom, I really wish she could have it"

 I continued ruffling around in a box of decorative bows fishing out our collection of cookie cutters that must have fallen in there at the end of last season.  His task had halted. And, he gazed at this little stocking.

 "Yes, it would have been so right for her...she would have loved it."

His words came cloudy to my mind.  Her?  Was he talking about his teacher at school?  Was he missing our foster daughter?   I finally was confused enough to ask," Anderson who is 'she?' are you missing..." , and I mentioned our foster girl, M.

 His eyes grew big and tender and as he picked up the little stocking , he pulled me around to face him. "I mean HER. The one God made in you...You KNOW Mom.  The one of us who is in heaven with our other little brother, Joshua.  I wish she was here to put on this little stocking."  He got really quiet as he looked down at it. " Wouldn't it have fit her JUST right?" He smiled sadly. "But I am glad she's spending Christmas with Jesus...."  He hugged me TIGHT...he stroked the little stocking..."I do miss her though..." he whispered.

 This little stocking has now become exceedingly precious to me as I remember the tiny one it belongs to now...Back in August a little baby girl who was being knit together in my womb...was called home to live with the Christmas Lamb.  She is our second child to now reside there ~ to have access to Jesus' LAP!!  To hear angels KNOW love in a way that we only would have begun to taste here.  The holidays blow my heart and mind to know that I literally have little ones rejoicing in the Presence that we are worshiping and celebrating ~ and then to realize OUR access of Jesus is just as real and as Present Here.  That WE ARE sitting in His lap too.  That His angels move at the sound of our worship and intercessions...That our family here and there share the same joys and wonders for "IN His Presence IS Fullness of Joy" ~ forevermore... {Psalm 16:11}

And, my heart fills with wonder over sweet Anderson tonight.  A boy who also sits with simple trust and love in the lap of his Jesus.  The one who worships with abandon and loves with affection.  "Christ IN" him "the hope of glory"... The compassion of Christ in a child...the discernment in a believing child's Spirit of the season in which they live astounds my heart...messages like this one.. through these little ones...

Much like the packaging of a most wonderful message wrapped up in swaddling clothes!...

I was completely unaware that I was in need of a kiss from my Heavenly Father tonight.  That after seeing the quiet but painful grief of this past semester He would take THIS little moment, IN MY GARAGE to love on me.  Through my tweenager! ;)  Yet He's like that!  Yes, this is the God who likes using stables and water-logged fishing boats and wilderness hikes to show His glory!!

 I love that God-who-sees is always taking heed to and care over the tending of my heart's pulse even when I am unaware, as I was tonight, that I would need ministering in THIS moment....Glory and care in a garage! :)  Let us worship Him for He is GOOD to us.

Love and Blessings,


P.S. Much of this was originally sent in a message to my precious friend, Michelle, who is another gift from God in my heart's journey.  All the time but particularly as I have walked through this specific sorrow.  My heart would not be as healed today if God had not graced me with this friend who has loved me so well. He keeps sending such sweet gifts!!


Eunice said...

wow, that brought tears to my eyes! your family is so amazing! God bless you guys:)

Gillian said...

Love you, Eunice!! Can't wait to meet your little bundle this year!

Lori said...

Hi Gillian, Can you please check your email when you have a moment? I'm going to be emailing you either tonite or tomorrow. Thanks so much. Hugs and prayers, Lori

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