Saturday, December 31, 2011

New this New Year...Love to you from the Tuckers!!

Hello, beloved friends on this last day of 2011!!

I have so appreciated our visits together through this blog. :)

This post is a gift to you today from our family. We are at a wonderful conference this weekend in Kansas City that is given by The International House of Prayer Ministry. It has been an incredible time of refreshing and intimacy with God as a family.

The talk below started off our time here with an explosion in our hearts!! I hope it blesses you in the same way!!

Blessings to you!!

The video takes a couple minutes to load fully at the beginning...maybe skip the minutes ahead?...the worship on it is powerful and so is the first talk...but the one we are highlighting to you today is at hour 2 and 5 minutes time...push the timer ahead to hear of how you are a "power and lights district in Christ!!" you believe it?...maybe you are starting to?...Do you want this in your new year?..."if ANYONE is in Christ...he IS a New Creation"...

Love to you from Gillian and the Tucker family. Happy New Year...He makes ALL things new!!!

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