Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nothing Else Will Do

We'll be there--you can be too!! :) Our church has the honor of hosting the event " Orphan Sunday Live from Kansas City" PLEASE join us for ONE HOUR live or over the web in intercession prayer and worship for the orphans of Father God's World. This will be a global event, we are so excited!!
This is the type of intercession we do for the orphans of the world during prayer sets here at the International House of Prayer. It is powerful and tenderizes my heart for God and His love for His children every time. Knowing that prayer is the finest effectual action we can take for it moves the heart of the GOD who holds this world in His hand never ceases to AMAZE me!! What a privilege and a partnership prayer becomes!!

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And he came unto the disciples, and found them asleep, and said unto Peter, What, could you not watch with me one hour? Matthew 26:40


You know what I am considering tonight as I type and worship and listen to all the little voices floating upstairs from a dress-up extravaganza?...

That adoption can be summed up in several words but here is the one that is striking my heart as I consider love tonight...


Have you ever considered HOW MUCH God loves you? I mean, HOW MUCH He loves?

The other morning He woke me up...with the thought/prayer..."you need to consider LOVE...and how much I love perfect love casts away redeems and is for you not against much will you consider my love, Gillian?"...

and I have this I have washed dishes and stroked faces ...and wiped away the tears of a child who was hurt by another...and wondered about the gathering of souls here...that God purposed ...for us to encounter what ...


He is JEALOUS...

That we would not have another...

Or another thing...

He is JEALOUS for each of our souls to only belong to him...

To know this love...To know HOW MUCH...OH HOW Much HE (not me, not families, not movements) but HE loves....HE Loves....How much HE wants to save.. to show HOW MUCH ...He IS Love...

Adoption's not only about filling tummies or one more bed to make...

Adoption's about a "buy back"...It's about a God who is so


for LOVE

So glorious in beauty and holiness and forever love

That He will have NOTHING BUT



but LOVE

That He would consider the cost

And come live HERE

In a place like the places we visit on missions trips.

That He chose to be a poor baby...loved by a Mommy and Adopted by an astounded Daddy

That He would live sinless,

love wholehearted and fierce,

That He would step away from the majestic temple to walk the dusty streets,


Searching for the one...

Dying for All

ALL of us ...from any every every time...

For ALL of us.

Not just some would do...

He was Jealous to rescue and buy us back from an enemy who oppressed, hated, used us and orphaned our hearts from Him.

But He had a quest to buy us back with blood,

Purify us for Presence and ready us for a great big family...


He would NOT have us in the arms of another lover

Or under the foot of an oppressor...

And...He is jealous...Jealous for those little ones tucked upstairs in bed

and the mommy at the sink

for the ones who run barefoot in the grass outside under the sprinkler

as well as for the one who shivers under a thin blanket under drips in a shanty

He wants them ALL

At His banquet table

Well fed, Set apart for a joyous forever family, Holy unto HImself, dressed in white and feasting in His Presence.

And so,

If I am to consider how I am to move in Him,

I will Go

I will LOVE

I will SEEK

Those we can bring home to Him as gifts to HIM...

And its a life-long treasure hunt for the King who

Will stop at nothing less than loving all...


...and here comes little Ava, our Ethiopian daughter...she's spontaneously singing this song tonight:

Blessings and Love,


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