Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gotta Love it!! :)

Don't you LOVE it when the children learn how to write? :)

another pic of Joyful Jack :)...taken by Anderson...
in a "snowstorm" the rec room...

:)...just noticed the dude scaling our bookshelf...


After all the  hours stuck inside due to several snow storms....MAMA was itching to climb some bookshelves!!

The Sledding was the BESTest!!

A long winter made us so thankful for ~

Leafy trees to climb again ..
   for finding big sis up there reading in the big ole maple in the    back !!...
       for runnin' around and
           for "just hangin' out"
              on bright blue playground slides warmed by friendly sunshine... nice!
Happy Springtime everyone!

Love, G

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