Monday, July 12, 2010

Wherever you go--There you are ... :)

Hey, everyone! We just returned home last night from a trip to Outer Banks, NC (Nags Head) for a beach trip reunion with Richard's family. We'll post some photos of the beachy love this week--12 kiddos and 8 adults all shared an ocean front home this week--the kids were in cousin heaven!!

But first a smile--you know that ole quotation, "Wherever you go, there you are" ? Well, we had a FUN time with this with our Graham as we road through Graham North Carolina to and fro the beach. The "Mayor" of Graham had a fun time "surveying" his town :)!!--Next we'll need to plan a trip to "Jackson" Miss. and Perhaps to "Anderson" In.--perhaps an Ashley destination...SUGGESTIONS, anyone??? was so much fun taking these photos--even for those of us with more unusual names!! :)


The Water Tower that "called Graham's name" from the highway :)

Just Chillin' at Graham's Soda Shop

Graham, "the thinker" :)

Sweet kid--really sweet southern town--lots of fun ;)

Just a funny today--love to you all!

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