Friday, July 2, 2010

The Cry of the Radical Heart

In my circles there has been alot of speech about the word, "radical"--this song speaks well about the working out of this word/theme.

What a RADICAL thing--to be captivated and personally known by the living God.

What would this mean to your life personally?
What if Jesus WAS the lens that you saw all of life out of?

Living Waters that would flow from you--

no striving to serve.

For the river of love straight from the living God would flow to the hearts of whoever we are around--


We would bring that awesome river with us wherever we go...

... to splash on whoever is in front of us.

No one would have to convince us with statistics or pain stories to go forth and love for love would simply be in residence in us and would lead us to what Christ's heart burned for.

Fire that no water could ever quench--no ministry burnout here--for the lovesick heart does not wear out by work--

"a lover will out- last a worker every time!!"

No offense toward "others who just don't 'get it' "

for as we are filled with love --

We realise that the strong love we have for the helpless/the hurting is overflow --

NOT from the production of our hearts and desires and will

but overflow

from God's heart

bursting out from inside of us.

We would realise that the SAME love that Christ gives to us,

He has for these same people--who may not as yet

"get it"


"OH HOW He LOVES the world"--

and this includes

the selfish,

the cynical,

the greedy--

the VERY unsaved ones--"those" ones--

you know...

the one whos picture just came up in your mind--

THAT one--

Oh how He loves--

THAT one

And how great a love they will have for Christ as they are forgiven much

For he who is forgiven much loves much!!

YES, with melting, passionate, self-sacreficing love Jesus would woo them to Himself as well...

JUST like He wooed me...

We EACH and ALL are targets for His love!

We would realise that the point of and definition of the gospel is not only US--not even only others or service to others or the labors of our hands but all about the GLORY of this incredible one,


who fills all of eternity,

who's glory fills the Earth,

who is coming to reign soon,

yet who's love fills and lives in MY heart.

"How can it be? That you, Oh God should die for me?"
And yet He calls us His BELOVED...

Ah to be captivated by His beauty and glory--

It is what we are made for.

Our eyes are meant to behold HIm.
Our hands were made to bring glory back to Him.
Our relationships to bring glory to Him.
Adoption and other ministries to bring His glory back to Him through these precious lives.


Jesus is worthy of all the focus, all the strength, all the drive of our lives---HE is what we were made for!

Everything else flows from this...--including the 2nd commandment--to love others as we love ourselves. Only after being captivated by our glorious Jesus personally could we ever love or serve well or have ANY purpose to "lay it all down" or "obey those harder sayings" --until we get this first glimpse and filling of Christs' love in our sight and our hearts.

And this takes action.
But action that brings life and direction.

Plunge into Him--He's waiting for you--like that Lovesick Dad waiting at the end of that dusty path--waiting for His beloved child to return home. To run into His arms is our first requirement--and everything else flows from this--it REALLY does!

Be Blessed be captivated by Glorious Jesus!!
Love, Gillian

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The Smittys said...

I am so thankful that we met today in NC! Isn't God so sweet! Seeing your sweet family was a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness to us! We will follow your blog and pray for your ministry! Peace!