Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summery Times

Some shots of summer moments today!
Not even in order because I am such summery mode! :)
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!

A quiet moment with Ashley..

Apples make great friends!!

All lined up and ready to ride. These horses were at a ranch just 40 minutes away from us--My mom treated us to an amazing adventure day to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Graham, Ashley, Anderson went on a one hour trail ride and then got to tend to the horses--such fun! Mom and I stayed back at the ranch and were given a horse to take the littles on rides--it was so great to have room to roam and to tend to these beautiful creatures for an afternoon.

Cutie Pa-tu-tie!

I love that there are still wide open spaces like this to enjoy.

O.k. That's nough--we are gettin pretty hot, Mom!!

Graham at Middle school Graduation with a fav. teacher. Come on High School!!

We all came out to cheer for # 38's 1st football scrimage--exciting as the Super Bowl!!


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Tracy said...

love seeing your summer!! so awesome to have a visit from Graham yesterday!! love you!