Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Announcement from the Tucker Family :)

Our Journey continues...

Hey, Everyone!

WELLL, if it has seemed to some--even those of you closest to our family-- that we have had something "under wraps" for a while--we have!

We have an announcement of sorts. :)

Our family is being sent to become missionaries through the International House of Prayer Ministry in Kansas City, Mo.

YES! As soon as we sell our home, we are packing up our six kiddos and are heading out to Missouri.

As we have sought after and journeyed with God this year, He has used International House of Prayer's podcasts,music, teachings,conference as a tool over and over to help us know Him more--to introduce us more and more to who He is and what our identity in Him is.

As we have been encouraged to dive into prayer, fasting, receiving of the Holy Spirit, deep times digging in the Word of God...We have been smitten with His heart, filled with His spirit. God's power and personality has been SO near. A fountain of revival, passion after His heart that has brought such power has sprung up among our family after we have "laid it all down", counted the cost, and have remained at His feet--there's just so much to the Presence of the Living God--we echo Psalm 27, what we truly desire most--each one of us is to seek His face--to enjoy Him in His holy place--this ONE thing we seek. Christ has made Himself our ONE THING this year.
He has been our reward.

He has brought other rewards--some of which you have witnessed here on our blog--like a flood of physical healings, restoration and salvation of our foster children's lives, and a literal,dramatic saving from the Nashville Flood. We have heard His voice and have received precious promises. We have delighted in finding Him in worship times that He overflowed to places like the local grocery stores--where He would bring us to people to lay hands on and pray for--this is just the tip of the ice berg--we are a people ON FIRE with the realness and the goodness of a very REAL God.

He saves,
He is SO loving--
He burns with holiness and glory.

He has revealed so much of our deepened and transformed hearts through a flow from secret,intimate times with Him-- Overall--this HAS BEEN A MIRACULOUS YEAR!! THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO GOING BACK!!

Soooooo....We have shared with a few close friends and family members about this new call and the next question of course is , "what will you be DOING there?..."

Firstly and most importantly, the most special thing about the ministry of the International House of Prayer can be gathered by its name--

We will be PRAYING.

10 years ago, a prayer meeting was established at IHOP that has been going on non-stop, 24/7 ever since. (There are prayer/worship/word teams that come into the prayer room in 2 hours blocks around the clock.)

And you know what?

If you spend THAT much time with God in intercession, adoration, and worship, He is going to share and download ALOT into your heart, mind, and will.

And He has.

Just some examples of how God has responded to a people who's hearts are tender to His heart are--

A ton of new music, straight from the heart of God, from the Word, from the Holy Spirit is flowing out of the prayer room--we have been incredibly touched by this precious gift.--

There have been incredible answers to prayers and petitions--much favor even in foreign nations--even among unsaved leaders for the sharing of the gospel.--

God's been so sweet in bringing His Presence among a people who are seeking HIm in this way--many other prayer furnaces that are bringing glory to God are being established all over the Earth as well--.

And the things that God's heart yearns after and beats for-- He has readily shared with people who are giving such focus and attention to HIm--

Now, ten years after establishing the prayer room, International House of Prayer also has an incredible Bible University to equip young people to find their identity in Christ, to restore broken lives,to be built up in God's living Word, the Bible--

Many times then these same young people that fall passionately in love with Jesus are bringing this love to their families, cities, and even specific nations. God has pressed justice movements as well--VERY strongly on the intercessors at International House of Prayer-

-as of course He naturally would--

For if you spend ALOT of time talking with a good friend--you are going to get to know his or her heart--

You will receive powerful awareness of God's glory and identity--

That God's heart truly beats after the lost, the hurting, the weak, the hungry, the orphaned, the widowed, the helpless...AND yes, YOU!

...and this is what has happened with people who spend hours with God during the week--He has talked back! ... He has answered the desires He has placed on hearts!

He has pressed specific movements so powerfully that now International House of Prayer has established --24/7 ACTS of justice to match the 24/7 ACTION of Prayer.

Those who are on staff are in the prayer room for 24 hours a week and are required to give 24 hours of service to justice.

And what is neat about this is that this requirement is actually is a perfect fit for the way we are already choosing to order our days and to what we are already pursuing after in God today.

We have found that justice (like our experiences with M and M--our foster kids this year-- and other such experiences) so MIGHTILY springs up from time with our Father--and this is the best way to enter in to justice, be it loving your neighbor down the street,caring for that specific person that He brings you to in the grocery line, feeding the hungry, or even adopting--for God then can send you just where He wants you--to the tasks He's uniquely set out for you before He made the world--as the Bible would say.

Now PLEASE don't get me wrong--we are NOT YET spending this type of time in prayer--24 hours a week-- with God --but we desire to. We actually found that much of the power behind our incredible year (and at all the other precious seasons in our life) has stemmed from an obedience to a time in prayer.

About a year ago this week, God told me clearly in a time with Him to give Him my Tuesdays and my Thursdays--to give them over to Him in fasting and prayer. No lunches out with friends, no hanging out on the computer ,let go of the hobbies during that time, no chatting on the phone,leaving the errands alone for a while, no catching up to get "ahead" while the kids were in school those mornings--

It was incredible--

Only God could lead you into such things for in the natural--how in the world could a mom of 8 children pull this off? BUT He knew...this was EXACTLY where I needed to be--

If I had NOT been on my knees and in worship and deep times in the Word and intercession I would not have had the specific direction and strength and Presence of the Holy Spirit's power that I DESPERATELY needed to parent all the issues and details and burden that this melding of kiddos brought to our lives this year.

(And I'm not the first by far that God has specifically given this calling to!--One of my heros is Susannah Wesley--mother to Charles and John who's sons God used in one of the most powerful awakenings the world has ever seen for Christ--Her TWELVE children knew that when mother pulled her apron over her head she was in intercession and was not to be interrupted--what fruit those prayers brought to the World!!)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I would drop the little kids off at school, dress, start my dishwasher and laundry machines and then would "hit the carpet". Some mornings He led into worship, others into writing to HIm,other mornings He gave me new songs to sing to Him as I read certain parts of scripture to Him, others times specific Word for the people I was praying for, other times he astounded my heart with His very real nearness and word to me--

He's just SO real and near to us--ready to meet us when we come to seek Him out--its SOOO true. I've really lived and experienced this!!!!

By the time it was time to pick up the preschoolers and minister to all the other kiddos, I was completely prepared to serve in my home and had received instruction from God in how to parent for the day, where the needs in my home were, where He was sending us out into our community that day, how to love my husband best, how exactly He wanted me to apportion my time, my chores, my menu.--He's the real deal! He REALLY speaks to us. In worship--He healed me of thyroid disease,planter faciotis, a 5 pound tumor in my abdomen, and an achy tired body (among other things--I was a mess health-wise previously!--being sick took up so much of my time and thought, effort and energy)--I know He loved healing me--for I have learned that He loves us so, and delights in healing bodies. He is SO real.

As my life was being flooded with God's presence, we also witnessed God's Spirit fall on each of my children, on my husband, on our foster children, and on our family as a whole--its been a new and living way--immersion in Him brings such life--

This does not mean that we are not fun or that we do not live life in a natural way--we have laughed more and had more to give in this joyful season here--On the other hand, PLEASE don't think either that we have got things "all figured out" --my children can argue amongst themselves like any other siblings, we get cranky, we have to ask for forgiveness ALOT--:) But in the midst of much humanness we are getting SUCH an awareness that God not only loves us but that He likes us and that He has great things in store for us --that His glory is going to shine out of all of our "cracks" (we've got alot of them!) more and more until the "full light of day".

So we are already living this intercessory life that will be going on on this missions' base--and we are thrilled about that.

When we arrive, there will be a training phase via a wonderful Bible University on campus,to be trained to equip young people to seek the Lord with all their hearts, to be restored and healed emotionally and spiritually (restored--we will love counseling and loving on these teens and college age kids.--this is perfectly made for Richard's pastoring heart and mine as well)

Next the students are sent out to testify/bring the glory of Christ to the nations locally, nationally, and internationally in missions and Christ- centered and filled justice initiatives.

We are personally being called to be involved in justice initiatives that war against human trafficking and abortion. We greatly desire to tell people about Jesus--who He is --bringing the Gospel-to people that hunger for Him--who may have never been introduced to Him.

Most likely this will take our family out around this nation and to other destinations around the world in differing ways--this call is a launch pad for so much to come through the members of our family.

We are very excited to have found a ministry that matches our musical giftings--there is ALOT of music coming out of the International House of Prayer and we all will be diving into this.

We will have a greater platform to advocate for orphans-- There is an adoption ministry there on the mission's base that our hearts are smitten with-- and that we will be plunging in to support. Our hearts continue to beat wildly for God's saving heart for the helpless.

If you have been following our blog, you may have gotten the sense that this has been an incredible miracle year in our life this year. It has!!

Much of God's movement has been behind the scenes--some of which we really desire to share with you and will very soon--its been powerful, transforming,and it truly has knocked our socks off!! I promise to share more details SOON!! As we dove into the heart of God this year, He brought a call that is so perfectly tailored for us. There is MUCH behind the "anatomy" to this call that I have not been able to share here because it stems from intimate places with God and it would just take to long to express--some of this we will be sharing later--there are many cool stories that are FULL of miracles, word from God, neat confirmations--

We'll share some of them soon--but mostly, I think there are many more stories to come. Its like we are at the beginning point of a roller coaster ride--we are going up that first hill and are hearing and feeling the "click, click, click" of the ascent to the first tummy turning hill. This is going to be an incredible ride!!

So please, those of you who know us or love us from afar in the FB/ bloggy world--please pray for us. There is alot that is to come together in the next weeks. We totally trust that we are going to see powerfully movement from God as He completes the details to what He's called us to.

Things you can pray over for us or if led give to:

We need to sell our home before we go.

We will need to raise financial partnership--all the staff positions at IHOP are volunteer--not paid positions. To enter in fully to what we will be doing there we could not hold a full-time job in the market-place--we are thinking over part-time job options combined with a sending base of partners who are excited about what God is sending us out to.

We are raising education funding for our children as well. We will need to raise 11,000 dollars to send our children to a Christian school in the area--currently there is not a public school option for our children. 26 of the local schools in this area of MO have recently been closed down --we will be combining homeschooling with a Christian school that we have found that really supports people who come on staff at IHOP. The children only have 8,000 more dollars to raise in their education fund--contributions toward reaching this final goal can be reached via the chip in widgit on our blog or at They are excited about and Trusting God to reach their goal by August 8th.

That's ALOT! Stay posted--I believe we are all going to see God provide here in huge ways. If God is pressing on your heart in some way to give to what He is up to in our midst, please feel free to call us at 615-567-6633 or or please feel free to use our Pay Pal button on the side bar that is related to donations.

Even before some of you have heard our full story, you have contributed to our family by your love to us, your prayers over us, loving emails and kind comments, and donations --thank you--we treasure how God has been using you to bring out a "new thing" in our family. God's hug has been felt through your willingness and love.

Many Blessings and Love to You!

A 5 minute gift to you about intimacy with God--so sweet!


Marianna said...

Wow! Very exciting news!

America meets India said...

I am so excited for you. Keep us posted.


Tracy said...

you know your prayers ushered in miracles for our family!! so excited to see how He will use your amazingly gifted family to bring justice, grace and mercy to the nations through IHOP--- He will most definitely provide for your every need--- so honored to call you friend and sister--- love you so much!!!

Sarah said...

So very excited for you and your family. You are an inspiration and a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing more details about your time with God in the last year. You are in my prayers.

The Fab 4 said...

WOW! I should have more to say, but WOW is what comes first. I could definitely sense a "brewing" in your emails to me and in your blog posts. I love that, and I love that you are diving into an amazing call for your family. I cannot wait to be a part of it!

. . . the urbanhen said...

Amazing news for your family, G!

Jennifer Trew said...

First of all, I just came back from KC and I loved that town. What a neat place. Second of all, I have to tell you that I've been a Christian all my life, but I want to know the Lord like you do. Your passion (and your family's passion) is so evident and contagious. You are a wonderful model and what a blessing you will be to IHOP. You all will be in my prayers!

missy said...

Gillian, This is sooooo exciting!!! I am just absolutely captivated by your love for the Lord. It is such an inspiration and you just shine the love of God to all you touch. IHOP is an amazing ministry and it just fits you like a glove! I can't wait to hear what God does....we are living in exciting times and to be at the throne of God is the best place to be. Your such a warrior and I just love you so, so, so very much!!!