Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Cries

Haiti -- Our brothers and sisters are crying out.

I am in travail for Haiti--my financial donation is just not enough. Oh, Lord, we cry out for Haiti. It is our children who lie beneath the rubble--it is our mother, it is our father--it is our dear friend--

This is the shaking that is promise/prophecied to come on the Earth--the great shaking before the Great and Terrible day that Christ comes back. This is just the beginning. Jesus says that when we see such events--they are labor pangs."such things must happen and then the end will come...There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of the birth pangs" He predicted these events more than 2,000 years ago. Read Matthew 24.

The devestation goes so much deeper than the horrible images on our T.V.s
What of the souls of those who's dusty feet we see poking out of death shroud blankets? If they did not desire to accept Jesus while here in thier lives on Earth, it is now too late --and the final destination for unbelievers is much more terrifying than even the state of Haiti today--there's not a drop of water anywhere in Hell--there is no warmth or light or love--there are tortures that await the soul--forever.

in the midst of the horrifying reports
We must cry out for souls--the cup of living water awaits now, today--our prayers can bring it more quickly than helicopter drops.
We have power to launch angelic helps and miracles when we pray in the name of Jesus. His authority through our prayers releases angels to make war against demonic strangleholds over geographical locations on the Earth.
Use His powerful name in your requests for Haiti.
Pray the Lord will show up and encounter people--that they might have incredible revelations of Him--that He might encounter and save them--body,soul,and spirit--that He might heal thier land and purify thier water.

There was a christian village in the Figi islands who cried out to God in fasting and prayer recently and God answered and saved thier entire village. His name became the highest name in this area. Not only was it a miracle that God saved an entire village but He also, in His tender justice healed thier land. A river flows through thier village--to the North of thier home the river is polluted--to the South of thier land it is polluted--in thier section it is completely PURE!! They even called in scientists to prove it--I have heard from people who went there to see the pure river for themselves! This is the type of powerful requesting we can do for our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ and for any people on the Earth--including ourselves--that God would encounter and save thier fellow nationals AND show signs and wonders of His justice that prove His love and presence on the Earth.

We need to cry out in fasting and prayer for Jesus to make wrong things right in Haiti--this is true justice. The end time Church will lead the greatest hope and justice movement in history. In Jesus, we have a hope that is far superior to all humanistic movements. True believers in Christ are the greatest hope-bringers in history. They will be filled with love, purity, and humility as they engage in works of justice and compassion while GIVING A CLEAR WITNESS OF THE TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST.

What is this TRUTH? That there is only one way to Salvation and that is through Christ---do not partner with organizations that refuse to love people by telling them the truth about Jesus--this is a false application of tolerance. Be careful and discerning who you partner with in any way in these days. Just because an organization uses the words, peace, love, compassion, justice does not mean they are of Christ--much oppression will flow from such places. (Jer. 23:16-22) "They have seduced My people saying, "Peace!" when there is no peace..."(Ezek.13:10) The conflict in the end times will center upon defining who Jesus is (2Thes. 2:10) and how we love Him. We will have oppurtunity after oppurtunity to practice this
--the Bible calls this "standing firm".
We must love God on His terms.
Its not enough to just give bread that lasts for one day--when we must ALSO offer
Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life.
Love for God is loyalty to His truth, as seen in Jesus.

Truths about Jesus that offend humanists include His deity and, thus, His right to establish absolute standards of living. Although we give great honor to people's great dignity before God and religious liberties, we must tell them of


the living water

as we pass out the water bottles. We are deluded unless we hold to the standard that states that Jesus is the only way of salvation and that He has a right to juge sin, now and in eternity. He is the spring of living water--the only Hope and True Light to a shaking world that He passionately wants to restore--He WILL make all things new--He has begun this work already on the Earth--He will continue this until the day of His return.

Please be wise in your donations to help in Haiti. Please make sure you are giving to organizations that are not only humanitarian--but who will bring the light of Christ and His Truth to that area--

On the side of this post I have a link to Life Today. They are a reputable Christian Organization who cares for people's souls as well as caring for justice for all people. They are a highly effective ministry. They already had missionaries in place in Haiti for they had been taking care of people there in the name and the love of Jesus--applying His love to bring healing and wholeness to people's lives in . They are in place and awaiting donations to give out to the hurting there--no middle men--no waste of funds...



LIFE Today said...

Thank you for linking your blog to our outreach in Haiti. It is a blessing to have friends like you who share LIFE with others. I pray God blesses you and your family as you seek to spread His Kingdom here on earth. Thank you so very much.

Brandon Heckler
Social Media, Coordinator

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us all what this life is really about.
Lori P.