Thursday, January 14, 2010

:) Born to LIVE!!

...praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. Acts 2:47...

On Saturday we witnessed another "home birth" in the Tucker home!! "Midwifery" in the Lord is my most pleasant "job" as a Christian mother :)!!

Celebrate with the angels in heaven and with us--another soul (our 12 year old foster son) saved to ETERNAL LIFE in Christ!! Hallelujah!! We already witness a radiance, settledness, peace, and direction in God's ways upon this child. Searched out, drawn, found--Wow!! To watch this young man "take a knee" and humble himself before God after seeing a Christian Football movie that touched his heart... He said, "Mommy Gillian, that man --God answered all his prayers. Every time he prayed, God answered his prayer." The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, "Now's the time, ask him." I turned to M. "M.,would you like to have God answer you when you pray? Would you like to ask Him to come into your heart right now?"
... Its been a long wrestling match between M. and God--pretty fierce at times--there have been times as we brought out the Bible M. would literally run out of the room. A glaze and physical restlessness would come on him at the mention of the name of Christ... And yet little by little we have seen him "peeking out" of the door of his heart--leaving the door cracked so he could hear what was going on outside---we could see a greater thirst and hunger to know God. We kept telling him God was knocking... And here he was at the door--hand on the knob... "YES!! I want God in me. YES!! that's what I want." We called into the next room for all the children to join us --each one delighting in the news-- M. invited all the children of the family to gather around him in a circle and to hold hands and to pray with him...
--to hear him pray for the very FIRST time (until this point we had only heard 'God is Good and thanks for the food")to hear Him call God, "my king" and then to hear Him speak in love for God and call him his leader and then to top this off
--to hear this child
--a new son of God call God,
--oh, my.
He bear hugged Richard that night and told him that it was hard to let Jesus in
--but then he grinned,
"I'm SO GLAD He opened the door."
We are now disciplining both brother and sister at night so that as they grow together. The first night for this was on Sunday night--we are using this simple devotional about life in Christ--on the first night the end part of the devotion was an activity that brought them to a mirror and to stand in front of it declaring several times, "I am a child of God"--picture watching that reflection!!What power!!Praise God!!
... Sister saved, Brother saved and now we are continuing to believe a promise that God has given us from Isaiah 58 that their family line will be saved --that they will be restorers of broken walls and dwellers in safe places--that God Himself will come and dwell with them--that many more are to come to salvation through their lives. A new destiny--an assured path lies before them now--so much greater than what we could ever plan or carve out for them in our work with and for them these days--Oh, thank you, Lord!! Please pray that we would rightly be preparing/disciplining these kids for whatever wonderful plans God has in store for them--a hope and a future for sure.
And I encourage you--just ask--perhaps there are other fish out there -- so ready to "jump into the boat" just might suprise you--with Joy!!



Marianna said...

Awesome news! Woo hoo!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Still rejoicing and believing this is only the beginning! Add midwifery to your list of amazing gifts!! Praying the roots go down deep!! love you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome new, Gillian. Your family always has such exciting news.
Lori P.

The Fab 4 said...

In the midst of story after story and image after image of devastation, this news is beyond precious. I just recently emailed Tracy to find out how M and M were doing. So happy to hear this today!

crispy said...

Fantastic news. Praise God for this precious child. Rejoicing with you !!!!!!