Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tucker Turkeys

Some Thankgiving Love.

You go, Ashley!!

Graham, the oldest boy of our "Tribe"

Anderson waiting for his turn.

We were glad when the Hot Cocoa was brought out!!

Jack and Bruik's baby warriors!! :)

Thanksgiving "Eve" the kids being silly making up "pirate eyes" and "hats"
Glad we captured this cause someone is up to something like this all day at our house!!

You are sure to find silly puppets at Grandmommy Griffith's house. The kids like to make up plays with them.

Richard Reading to Ava Thanksgiving Morning

Hey! As promised here are a couple photos from our Thanksgiving day. A Family Tradition on my side of the family is to have a "Turkey Shoot" the day of Thanksgiving. My parents set up an array of targets and we test our skill with bow and arrow and a BB gun--the targets are creative and fun and SOMETIMES there are bits of prize or even money inside (not this year but one can always hope!) I love this game because everyone gets a chance to shine and to be cheered over. And you never know who's skills might really rise to the top in a given year--one year my 75 year old grandmother won the whole thing!!...This year it was Ashley who amazed us with her "markwomanship". In the olden days Ashley would have been a great asset to our "tribe/people group" either the Colonists or the Indians--her skill with the bow would have brought in the game!:) Excuse us if we look fierce--I promise we are a tender family who also spent the day giving MUCH thanks to our Father God for the glory of His presence and for the song that He sings over us. At our table, we were reminded by our friend, Ron, that God has a destiny in His Kingdom for each of the children at the table--our newest daughter brought out and read Psalm 100 to us, and Dad blessed us by speaking a blessing over us and then by leading us to Zephaniah where he spoke of God's loving heart over us:
"The LORD your God is with you. He is a hero who saves you. He happily rejoices over you, renews you with his love, and celebrates over you with shouts of joy."
Zephaniah 3:17 --This Word was not only an encouragement to our family but was prophetic--the next day our newest daughter gave her life to Christ, her hero!!

Mom had to cook TWO turkeys to feed us all and to send us home with wonderful leftovers. Graham had spent all of Wednesday baking pies--he made apple crumble, 2 pumpkin,and a pecan--on his own!!--am I a blessed mother or what!! We definately had stuffed tummies--I think many people went back for THIRDS!! What a feast day it was!!

And then the kids played games and did Turkey shooting for the afternoon (NO electronics except for some football on T.V.--Yeay!!)--silly,creative, and fun fellowship!--the headbands are via my mom who has a gift for teaching children and for making life joyful --she has such a nack for keeping things on the silly side ;).

Blessings to you in the love of the Savior who is our Life, our Bread, our daily Hero :).

Love, Gillian

P.S. We have specific children not photographed here due to State requirements--but I so wish you could see thier beautiful faces and the joy on them these days!!

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