Thursday, December 24, 2009

In 3 Vibes from our Home to Yours -- Merry Christmas!!

(The first bit of scenery on this video is nice and then around minute 4 of this video is a pictorial view of Ethiopian children and art telling the Christmas Story...)

Its a festival of nations every day here at the Tucker's!! Merry Christmas everyone! We are sharing a flavor of how we will be celebrating our savior, Jesus' birth this Christmas--how incredible He has completely included each one of us in His gift of salvation! Blessed Christmas to you all.

Ava and Bruik's gift to you from their ancient Ethiopian culture--who have known God's presence and message for thousands of years--such a rich Christian heritage...

This song reminds Richard and I of our families and growing up in the Washington D.C. area with all of its fabulous musical experiences...

And a vibe we have always loved that now beats stronger in our home :)...sweet Nicole C. Mullens met our new children the other day and blessed them with a dose of affection and love...We love you, Nicole!...

And...shhhh don't tell our Papa Daddy Griffith but here's a song the kids are going to perform--with Ashley doing the solo :) this afternoon after we do our annual Christmas dress-ups play and Tucker talent night--hopefully I can share that with you all later--its sure to be cute ;)--very "Cosby-eske"

Blessed Christmas, everyone--a saviour has come--CELEBRATION TIME !! :)

Love to you!
Love, Gillian

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Tracy said...

Merry Christmas sweet Tuckers! I know you had a rockin celebration at your house!

on a totally different note---knowing how much you love IHOP--- do you know about this sweet family's tragedy?
I knew you'd want to be praying for them.
love you!