Monday, May 4, 2009


I might be posting this a bit too late at night thus the weird laughter in my title ;). But its the end of an EXTREMLY BUSY WONDERFUL day with the kiddos and I just needed to share this with you.
We were all sitting reading our devotional book with the little boys, Anderson 8, Jack 5, and Bruik 4. I love this book, The Jesus Storybook Bible. We were actually all sitting in one big "pleather" chair in our family room, all squished up. We have walked through the bible stories until we have reached Moses getting the 10 commandments from God. I love how Sally Lloyd Jones explains the commandments. She says, "The rules showed God's people how to live, and how to be close to Him, and how to be happy. They showed how life worked best...We can do it! Yes! We promise! But they were wrong. They couldn't do it. No matter how hard they tried, they could never keep God's rules all the time. God knew they couldn't and He wanted them to know it too. Only one Person could keep all the rules. And many years later God would send Him--to stand in their place and be perfect for them. Because the rules couldn't save them. Only God could..." Isn't that great? Jesus is in all the stories in this great little book--I LOVE it!!
Earlier in our reading, minutes before, we had stopped for a --TEACHABLE MOMENT :)--I stopped reading as the book mentioned each of the ten commandments --just to drive in the point of what rules are and how they make our life and world a better place. "So what rules do we have in the Tucker home, boys?" Well the rules came so fast and furious and were just so marvelous that I grabbed a pencil nearby and HAD to scribble these down. WARNING these rules were made by LITTLE BOYS--that means--lots of destruction and body parts and things that smell bad...:) I'm reporting them unfiltered (except one or two...) and in the order I received them...

"Do not put your shirt off except when you are wet. (It was VERY wet today we played in the rain puddles and used soaker guns alot)
Don't come in the house when you are soaking wet.
Don't sneak and eat some S'mores or any candy
Don't lick people's ears
Don't pull hair.
Don't show people your boudie
Don't punch the T.V.
Don't watch bad shows.
Don't destroy the computer.
Don't go outside when it is super dark.
Don't destroy the entire house.
Don't bring a crane and let the crane owner destroy our house.
Don't let the dog be wet in the house.
Do not gas at lunch time.
Do not hurt girls.
Don't squirt girls in the eyes.
Don't play with fire in the house.
Don't destroy Mom's necklace or the Ethiopian drums or the planets. (that's not true, Jack! says older bro.) well, you could go outside in a spaceship with a bomb and open the window and throw it out.
Do not throw up on the carpet.
Do not punch people in the teeth.
Do not pee in your pants
Oh! a good one! Do not punch anybody on the pee-pee place!! (Anderson corrects with the anatomically correct word for pee-pee place)
Don't wake Mommy up or anybody in the house while they are sleeping. (from the child who wakes us ALL up each morning!!)
Don't wrestle with Mom, only with Dad.
Don't burp near Mom.
Write down one good rule, Mom! Say, "I love you, Mom"
Do not put a bag over your head.
Don't sleep all day long unless its Saturday or night.
Don't eat furniture.
Don't put peanut butter on your head--or jelly
Oh, here's a good one! A wild forest rule. Do not kill animals with meat unless they are killing you.
Don't lie down in roads.
If fire is in your eye and you only have one eye left then call the fire department and they will bring you to the hospital for a long paper on your eye that's hurting.
And blow you up! (responds another brother)
Do not try to get a speeding ticket.
Do not throw people in the road.
Don't climb super high or hold on to a tiny branch.
Don't put your ear on other people's bottoms.

Why do we need rules, boys?

So the world wouldn't be a filthy, angry place.
So people won't punch glass at each other."

Love, Gillian


Tracy said...

what a perfect world it would be if everyone followed the little boy commandments!

my fav---don't throw up on the carpet!

love you so much!......and all your boys! what would we do without them!! :))

The Fab 4 said...

Hysterical. If my two showed up at your house, these rules would make perfect sense to them. It must be the male child code. It is well-accepted that moms can make up rules on the spot and the rules can become as specific as the infraction warrants.