Friday, December 14, 2012

"Keep on Going Son..."

No matter how dark it gets...darkness cannot overcome light. "And The Light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness did not overtake it." (John 1:5)

I spent a light-filled day, today at our faith-filled school among the little children in the 3rd grade class. They are lit up from deep within by this true flame that comes from their faith in a living God. I had the privilege on the playgro
und today to work through a real problem with aggression...when a group of them ran to me to sort out an injustice.
There they all stood...

peering up at me so earnestly. "Solve our dilemma." their eyes said with such trust. So I got out the "First Aid Heart Kit". And we proceeded to knit hearts back together in an ancient, tried and true method... by shining God's Words from the Bible on the issue... I watched their hearts melt toward one another and light had a victory right there near the play structure at recess today. For a moment tag stopped...and we chased the darkness of the temptation to hurt each other with words and "get back actions" away. Not with just any 5 step child development/psychology talk BUT with simplicity met with power and authority. When was the last time you remember seeing light and authority winning on the playground?? But we reached down deep/or up...however you sense this real connection to God.

Words were few but immediately effective--they touched something and unlocked hearts from the inside out and then knitted the chidren together as we prayed for one another and we felt the piercing Truth of HIS WORDS from scripture work their way into attitudes and ways with one another... Prayer and Truth brought a gentle comfort. Soon there were shy grins and "I'm sorry will you forgive me's" and real hugs.

Light in the Darkness in the 3rd grade today...

Simple but profound.

Back in the classroom they made little Christmas crafts out of sparkley pom poms and ate lots of sugar and played a snowman game like all other celebrating children across America today. Yet these kids got something extra later on... Intercession prayer time pray for one pray for Mommies and Daddies and problems that were REALLY little to SUPER big yet they mentioned them all to God . Somehow a child innately KNOWS that they are heard by their Father. They know to run to their Heavenly Father for everything they need.

They packed up their little backpacks and waterbottles and Christmas Crafts and smiled at saying, "see you next year!" like so many other 3rd graders today...

And when we got home...and our so many others heard the news of tragedy within the community of "Newtown"
...and my 4th grader put his head down and wept for those just like him...It would be my littles who turned again to prayer "cause it really does touch the lives in Newtown, Mommy when we pray."

Truth holders
Speakers of Understanding

They KNOW something that so much of the press on T.V. seems to be wrestling with as the ticker tape phrases will run all night...

I did skim through the list of how we are to "talk with our children"...and it did not seem to have much useful light in it...

Don't take me wrong...the advice wasn't just was weak.

Nothing to pierce the thickness of darkness and injustice and Kindergarteners and Third Graders dying in their classrooms...

It was flimsy...could not take the tearing angst of the heart's cries tonight...There was not enough to cover or to "bind up" or to heal the gape...

So we went back to the LIGHT that Jesus taught us about when He declared Himself, actually in THIS season, that He was the light of the world as He walked in the temple in Jerusalem during the Festival of Lights.

"Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life." (John 8:12)

What's that? "won't HAVE to walk in darkness"? We do not HAVE to be anxious? We'll have a leader to lead us to life?? Where is THIS direction found?

We found that direction is in a person who is God...who is NEAR to us...and we found we knelt together in the dark tonight, lifting up, truly affecting in real time, the families, aching parents and brothers and sisters and towns and precious souls...

We looked up/...deep search out our Heavenly Father's wisdom tonight which includes Mercy AND proper Judgement for the helpless and against evil. No wickedness goes unseen from our Father's eye....And to be able to look THIS Father in the eye..

Oh my....

Cause, you see, there's just no fear in a child who's gaze is on their Father...In fact, "perfect love casts away fear." And when perfect love and perfect judgement meet...when Perfect Mercy and Perfect Power are found in the light-filled hands of God as He listens to our prayers...we find our prayers are highly effective...real answers for our grieving and for others in real time.

This video below is a picture of much of what I am expressing here. I am sharing it to share the "light" of encourage you to keep "singing out" into the "night". For the darkness cannot overcome the light. And if you do stumble (in fear or Trust or even a mess up) as you may see my precious son did just a bit on his words in the song...May you hear your Father whisper what my husband did at the choir program, you can hear it here on the video, "Come on, son, Keep on singing son, don't stop...that's it..."

Sing, sing out into the night. Our prayers are real. Our GOD is real!! His Fatherly eye is on us. He cares and heals. Through Jesus we have the only deliverance that is real in the world. He wants us to keep singing out who He is...what only He can do...and bringing His light...don't trip on the darkness...shine the light on it and it will run away...

No matter how dark it gets...darkness cannot overcome light. "And The Light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness did not overtake it." (John 1:5)

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