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So How's it Going with the Tucker Family?

What's big and blue and 20,000 miles long? Richard's ministry trip journey!!

In the past five months, Richard's role of intercessory missionary has shifted into high gear! Around Memorial Day, he created an office in the back trunk of

a large blue sedan, donated to our ministry, and drove into a ministry and fund raising journey that would criss-cross over the Eastern section of America's map.

The first leg of his trip began right here in Kansas City Missouri. at the IHOP missions base where Richard activated two goals. First, he began mapping out our desire to create a restorative home for vulnerable children. We were incredibly encouraged with the number of willing hearts and resources God has placed around us through missionaries and ministries, who we can join together with in bringing this dream to pass.

Richard next started building up the necessary base of prayer and financial partnership for our family so that we can plunge in to our ministry work here full-time. And what better way to prepare for anything than to pray? The week he was to set off on his trip to find partners, he was in one of his times in the Prayer Room at IHOP-KC specifically dialoguing with God about God's thoughts and feelings about this venture.

After an encouraging time in which God laid much on his heart about building up and ministry with God, he had to run an errand to the bank. "Please keep speaking to me about this season, God as I go along." he prayed.

As he entered the door of the bank, a young woman stopped him. "Would you tell me what you do here?" She next told Richard that God had pressed Richard on her heart as he walked through the bank door. God had let her know he was "good soil" to seed into.

As she handed him some cash and then prayed over him, this young lady became our first partner! Richard's eyes filled with tears.

"Thank you, Father. I trust you. You are going to complete what you have called our family to."

After some business in the bank, Richard turned to leave and ANOTHER woman stopped him.

"Are you the man who comes into the Prayer Room with little African children?"

Richard told her of our family. She next shared that she had been praying in the Prayer Room when suddenly God interrupted what she was focusing on and pressed on her heart to go over to the bank across the street find the man who brings African children to the Prayer Room. She was surprised and a little confused but obeyed.

When she got to the bank she immediately found Richard there. After telling Richard her story and encouraging him and praying for him, she donated to him TEN times the amount that the young woman had just handed him!

How's that for our first two partners!!

This was the first of several miracles...we'll have more to share!

Our good Father let us know RIGHT AWAY that HE is our BEST "partner". That as long as we fix our eyes on Him. He will complete WHATEVER he calls us to, while also taking good care of His children. He's the BEST Father. What an incredible family to be a part of!!

So, after sharing this joyful news with the family in a prayerful send-off, Richard hugged everyone tightly and then jumped into "Big Blue" (as we affectionately call our "grande" car!!) for a missionary adventure!

Most of the summertime was spent among loved ones and friends in Nashville, TN. We were humbled by the number of partners who joined our team in Nashville.

As Fall began, our 18 year old daughter Ashley joined Richard for "the best road trip EVER!
" Their route extended through beautiful Ohio and Penn., visiting and ministering among partners there before heading up to America's border with Canada to take in the awesome power of Niagara Falls.

As they next visited New York, God particularly captivated their hearts as well as ours back at home to pray for souls in that great city. This became the theme of their trip ~ God's Heart for Souls.

Now in the wake of the devastating storm, Sandy, we understand much more why God was so burdening us to pray over that area, for souls, for mercy, for answers,for healing, for God-sized blessings in that region...

During this phase of support-raising, Richard and Ashley were humbled by, "you brothers have refreshed the heart of the saints," as brothers and sisters opened up their guest rooms,pulled a chair up to their tables, and generously shared from their bank accounts to share with our family's call.

In the Washington D.C. area, (our home town!) Richard and Ashley had the privilege of many more invitations into homes and offers to speak along the way in churches and groups along the East Coast regarding intimacy with the Father's Heart!!

A favorite connection from one of the times was a 60 year -old lady who shared that as Richard was speaking, her heart burned. She believed that this moment was the spark she had needed to say yes to God's call on her husband's and her life to say yes to a calling that God had been pressing on them for a while to radically change the direction of their lives and become follow Him into a ministry in another country. "You mean its not too late for us?"

"Of course not! Nothing is impossible for God!" Richard replied with JOY.

Another precious story came in just the other day. While visiting some dear friends who wanted to partner with our family, in the Northeast, Ashley and Richard asked if they could pray for anything for these friends.

"You better!! I expected it!" Quipped our friend.

As they prayed for different issues as well as a matter of healing, tears flowed. It was a precious time.

Just the other day, the lady went to her doctor and got an encouraging report of HEALING--of something that previously she was told was not able to be healed by medicines. She was joyful and full of hope over the other items they had brought to God too. JOY!!

As father and daughter prayed and ministered in homes along the their way along the road, they were setting a strong precedent for what ministry will look like in the
Tucker family...

And like I mentioned before, we have more stories to share...That are full of God's grace and His care for His people and of what He is up to not only in our family but on the Earth right now..

And now, after 6 months on and off and on, and on, and ON the ROAD!! Richard is heading back for Thanksgiving!!!!!! WHAT a lot we have to be thankful for this year. That God is providing for a family of 8 as they step out to obey a miracle all unto itself!!
 We are not quite yet fully funded, but we have received a wonderful foundation and believe that in the next months we could be to where we need to be with the response of the people who God has already planned to step on board with us, to journey into intimacy with His heart and care for the vulnerable among us...

We are SO THANKFUL for EACH person who has loved on us here at home and on the road. And to those of you who have given to us and have committed to financially support us, we pray that God will bless you and return to YOU abundantly what you have sown into God's Kingdom through your love toward us.

It has not always felt easy...but God has made it "light" for He does not burden us with what we are unable to carry. A special grace has been on our family...each of the children are truly blooming in this season. 
                                                        Ashley as Maria in the Sound of Music at The Daniel Academy


 We see this as confirmation of God's hand on what He is doing among us as a family unit.
                                                                         Our AMAZING Chef, Graham!!

                                                                    Following in their Papa's Footsteps!
 We purpose that we will continue to minister as a family.

This is a Prayer Room for children.  Anderson is now Singing and Worship and Prayer Leading for Elementary Children at the IHOP-KC Missions base, at school, and at Sunday School.  (Here he is singing)

                                                                    Jackson in an Early Morning Quiet Time

                                                        Jack and Bruik Shining at Soccer and Having an Awesome Year!

                                                                       Bruiky and Mommy in the Fall. :)

                                                Miss Ava on her way to Dance Camp!

                                                                            Gillian and Ava Enjoying a Snuggle.

 While it has been very hard to keep sending our beloved Husband and Daddy off on the road, we are VERY excited about this season in our lives...we are ALL in 100 percent!!!

It looks like the traveling will become less and less in this next season as we head toward the completion of the last (financial) third of what we need as a family. YAY!! But there are more necks to hug, more heart connects to make, more precious brothers and sisters to meet and enjoy our Father God with ...and for this we are so encouraged.

We love you, friends and are so THANKFUL for you as we head into Thanksgiving week!

Blessings and Love!

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