Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love Stitches...

Ava Aday Getting Ready for the Holidays in Her "Christmas Cheer" Peasant-Style Long-Sleeve Dress

Introductory Price of $22.O0

Bows and Bloomie-Aday Pants Custom-made in a variety of Fabrics and Ribbon Trim

Classic Bloomers are in White and in Gingham-- Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow

Introductory pricing of $3.50 per bow and $8.00 per Bloomie-Aday pant

Imagination Time in our Cottage Kitchen

Precious Jumper-Style Dress on Ava Aday

Introductory Sale Price of $22.00

We are LOVING our new home in Kansas City,MO~ We have moved in time for the kids to get established in a missions-oriented school and we are finding such joy in new ministry at the Missions Base of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO ~~ only one BIG hole in all of this~~ Richard has remained back in Nashville for a short season to get all of our details in order--selling our home etc...How we miss him!! My mother, Karin G. and I have recently developed a cottage fashion business, called Daisy Aday :), to enable our finances to flow a bit faster to reunite our family and to support our new ministry here.  All the ladies in our family will be offering home-spun or stitched fashion items, accessories,and clothing. :)  I've been crocheting, Ashley's been making teen/ladies clothing, and my mother, Karin G., has made all sorts of little girls' dresses in several styles 2t to 12.  We'll display many of the items soon this week so check back in with us!  Dresses will be $22.00 and most accessories in the 10-20 dollar range--I know you'll love all of these "pretties" !! ...and JUST in time for Christmas shopping too!! Love to you all today!! :) Blessings!!

Love, Gillian :)

P.S. Pre-orders being taken in the blog comments section below and purchased on our Pay Pal here on the blog. Any questions taken in the comments section or at tuckergillian@gmail.com


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