Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Talk all Day --No, Really We Do!!

Ava is talking about a lady taking a nap--from a book at school...

In a family of 8 kiddos, talking is like getting a turn at Karaoke night--
pretty much someone "on the Mic" at all times and alot of singing along-
in tune,in harmony, off-key or off- subject...whatever goes!! :)

Ava's getting her "turn" in the above video--("Bruik, it's MY turn!") talking about a book from school. But to further get a window into our bunch--imagine the rate of talking streaming on at the point the video turns off--and INCREASING as the bus comes home --then INCREASING at dinner time until suddenly its SO VERY QUIET at tuck-in time--oh the bliss!(jk)--I have found that life with so many kiddos couldn't be more precious and entertaining--an amazing blessing!! I've also found that silence actually has a SOUND. My ringing ears can attest to that!! I wouldn't have it any other way--what an amazing group of children --I'm honored to get to serve them--or just to simply listen in getting to know each one--..."Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

Blessings to you today--be they quiet or loud!!
Love, Gillian


crispy said...

Gillian - We plan on being at the fellowship on Sunday. Let's try and connect face to face.

Looking forward to it.


ally said...

Ahh Gillian,
They are so precious!!!
Love ya friend!