Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God's Love Makes a Home

Over the weekend we met with royalty. You will not see the crown--yet but we met with one of God's precious servants, Asher, the founder of Bruik and Ava's orphanage. She was Bruik and Ava's Ethiopia mother while they were in the orphanage. Many hundreds of children in Germany, Sweden,Switzerland, and now America are now in loving families because of God's work through this one, precious lady. I am in awe of Asher's poise, beauty, truth, and love. To know that it was she that hand-picked us--her first American Adoptive Family (through AWAA) for her babies, Ava and Bruik both swells and amazes my heart. Its "unpackable". I have never been the same since the first time we met her two years ago at her orphanage. She shared many things that drove into my heart. As we said good-bye and I said we would keep in touch, she looked at me with piercing clarity, queenly wisdom and composure and spoke, "Yes, you must, it is your obligation." It was heavenly knowing Asher was arriving in our town to raise funds with many of our friends at AWAA for a gala here in Nashville. There are many stories to even share of her time there--but I need to fast forward you to our photo above. Bruik recently has been sharing more and more about his memories from the orphanage--it was a loving, family environment for him--although there was not material goods or even alot of food--there was no shortage of affection or love or teaching about what is true to God--these children understood they had been swept up out of hopelessness and death--"out of the ashes" as the Word would best state--and thanksgiving for this does not need to be taught. Bruik has had a journey with the stages of his transition to America but there has been no transition to understanding what a family is or what love is. The moment we arrived he saw love and he was home--no going back for a second!!
Now, 2 years later, he continues to be totally cosy as a Tucker--we even readopted him recently --he loves to say he is American. We wondered how he would feel at the reunion planned for families of children from Asher's orphanage here in Franklin. Would he "freak out"? Would he be afraid? As we first arrived home with them--he was terrified at Ethiopian restaurants etc...perhaps he was terrified that he might be sent back --to the dusty places of fear as a tiny boy...
As we arrived, much to our delight--Bruik RAN to embrace Asher. He RAN in the same way he had run into our arms as we met him in Africa. You see, now that God has settled him in, cosy in love here in the Tucker nest--he can now embrace without fear all the people that love him--all those that have poured into him. He RAN to Asher and was home--we were all at home, in love in that moment. To see Bruik's joy, his gentle smile as he hugged his surrogate Ethiopian "mommy" was a hug from our Father--a heavenly moment...
My mother's heart has been tortured the past 2 years and some months that we have "taken" him away from his homeland--away from his beautiful land and tender people. I addressed this to Asher on Sunday. Asher gave me a "are you kidding me" look "this is about LIFE, Gillian" do not forget it. There were no other options for these children. So many millions and no one to take them. They would have died. Now they can live, now they can eat...now they have this"--and she gestured to little Ethiopia children gathered to play on a swing set--laughing and playing together--the princes and princesses--the joy and treasure of each of their families. Oh, my. Love an orphan -- care, nurture, befriend, even adopt--your heart will be filled to over-flowing--I promise!!




Tracy said...

It was the most precious thing to see Bruik and Ava run and embrace sweet Aster! Such a picture of heaven on earth! Still amazed to be a part of it all! love you!

Amanda said...

This made me cry and so wish I had been there to witness that embrace. How awesome it must have been for you as a mom and for Aster to see that he loved her and had not forgotten her!!!!!!
There were many times that i did not think we were going to get Aster here and at times I thought maybe it wasn't God's will. But through prayer, God made a way...a miracle of a plane ticket that no one else could find and she was brought here... I love seeing how it was so purposed for everyone involved. BTW, your family photo is gorgeous.